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Cambridge Bay LORAN Tower is a 189 m (620 ft) tall free-standing lattice tower at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada. It was built in 1947/48 for LORAN transmissions. Today the tower is used as a Non-directional beacon (NDB) and is often called the "CB" beacon after the morse code letters that it transmits on 245 kHz, with an output power of 2000 watts.[1] What appear to be guy wires on the tower are 'top loading' forming part of the antenna. The tower is four sided and the base 18 m (59 ft) per side or 324 m2 (3,490 sq ft). The tower has been determined structurally unsound and scheduled for demolition, to be replaced by a 160 ft (49 m) tower.[2]

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Coordinates: 69°06′53″N 105°00′56″W / 69.11472°N 105.01556°W / 69.11472; -105.01556 (Cambridge Bay LORAN Tower)