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The Cameron was an automobile manufactured by the Cameron Car Company of Rhode Island from 1902 to 1906, then in Brockton, Massachusetts from 1906 to 1908, then in Beverly, Massachusetts from 1909 to 1915, Norwalk, Connecticut in 1919, and finally in Stamford, Connecticut in 1920.[1] No cars were produced from 1915 to 1918.[1] The company made two-, four-, and six-cylinder models.[2]

Update: Here are the known locations and dates where Cameron Car were built between 1902 and 1919:

Cameron Cars 1902-1919

United Motor Company Pawtucket RI 1902-1903

James Brown Machine Corporation Pawtucket RI 1903-1904

Cameron Car Company Brockton MA 1905-1906

Cameron Car Company New London Ct 1907-1908

Cameron Car Company Beverly MA 1908-1910

Cameron Car Company New London CT 1910-1912

Cameron Car Company West Haven CT 1912-1913

Cameron Car Company New Haven CT 1914-1916

Cameron Motors Corporation Norwalk CT 1917-1918

Cameron Motors Corporation Stamford CT 1919

Also updated info on engines and drivetrains:

Motor (1902-1904) One cylinder 6HP air cooled

Drivetrain 1902-1904 shaft driven

Body Styles 1902-1904 One, two seater

Motor 1905-1907 Two cylinder air cooled

Motor 1905-1907 Three cylinder, 12 HP, air cooled

Drivetrain: 1905-1907 Rear axle mounted gearbox transmission, shaft driven

Motor (1908-1912) four cylinder 20 hp air cooled

Motor (1912) six cylinder air cooled

Update: As you can see from the above, Cameron built cars with one, two, three, four and six cylinders over the years.

Motors were water-cooled and the transmission moved forward in 1913 and the Cameron was a run of the mill four cylinder contemporary vehicle.

Lots of info here: THE CAMERON STORY by William T. Cameron (no relation).

Lots more info to come!

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