Cameron Corner

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Cameron Corner
Bulloo ShireQueensland
Postcode(s) 2880
LGA(s) Bulloo Shire
State electorate(s) Warrego
Federal Division(s) Maranoa
Suburbs around Cameron Corner:
South Australia Durham Nockatunga
South Australia Cameron Corner Bulloo Downs
South Australia New South Wales New South Wales
AUS map with named state corners
Cameron Corner Marker: Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia
Cameron Corner in the intersection of Australian time zones during daylight-saving

Cameron Corner is the point in the outback of eastern Australia where the boundary lines of the states of Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales meet. It is also a locality in the Shire of Bulloo, Queensland (the area immediately to the north and east of the intersection of the state boundaries).[1] It is located about 1,400 kilometres (870 mi) west-southwest of Brisbane, Queensland. The noted Dingo Fence passes through Cameron Corner along the New South Wales border.


The corner and locality are named for the surveyor, John Brewer Cameron, from the New South Wales Lands Department, who spent two years during 1880 - 82 marking the border between New South Wales and Queensland.[1] Mr. Cameron erected a post there in September 1880 to mark its intersection with the border of South Australia. He placed a wooden marker every mile (1.6 km) eastwards along the interstate boundary.

This general area, which includes Sturt Stony Desert in the Lake Eyre Basin, was first explored by Captain Charles Sturt, who in 1844 went in search of a supposed inland sea in the center of Australia.


According to the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper in 2005, the sole permanent residents are Fenn and Cheryl Miller who operate the Cameron Corner Store and a golf course near there.[2] Apparently, it has a Queensland liquor licence with a New South Wales postal code and a South Australian telephone number."[3]


New Year's Eve occurs three times a year in Cameron Corner (also in Poeppel Corner and Surveyor Generals Corner), because it's in the corner of three time zones.

Dingo Fence on the 29th parallel of latitude. Sturt National Park (right of fence) - looking east from Cameron Corner after a heavy rainfall

Heritage listings[edit]

Cameron Corner is a heritage-listed site, being listed on the Queensland Heritage Register in 2012.[4]

Corners in Australia
Name Surveyor Generals Poeppel Haddon Cameron MacCabe
States WA/NT/SA NT/SA/Qld SA/Qld SA/Qld/NSW SA/Vic/NSW


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Coordinates: 28°59′56.7″S 140°59′58.1″E / 28.999083°S 140.999472°E / -28.999083; 140.999472