Camila (telenovela)

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Starring Bibi Gaytán
Eduardo Capetillo
Adamari López
Enrique Lizalde
Opening theme Camila sung by Eduardo Capetillo
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 90
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Televisa Univision
Original run 14 September 1998 – 15 January 1999
Preceded by Vivo Por Elena
Followed by Nunca Te Olvidaré

This page refers to the 1998 soap opera. For the 1984 Argentinian movie see Camila.

Camila is a Mexican romantic drama telenovela produced by and originally broadcast on Televisa in 1998. It is a remake of Viviana, a Mexican telenovela from 1978. It starred Bibi Gaytán, Eduardo Capetillo, and Adamari López and is the story of a simple country girl brought to the big city, but abandoned when her new husband bigamously marries his employer's daughter.


Camila Flores (Gaytán) lives with her grandfather in a small village. She meets Mexico City attorney, Miguel Gutierrez (Capetillo), and they quickly fall in love and are married in a civil ceremony.

Their church wedding is planned to be a few weeks later, but it never takes place. Miguel abandons his new wife to marry Mónica Iturralde (López), the spoiled daughter of powerful lawyer Don Armando Iturralde (Lizalde). Racked by guilt in a loveless (and bigamous) marriage, Miguel is torn between his love for Camila and his fear of returning to the poverty that he has spent so much energy escaping.

Meanwhile, Camila finds out she is pregnant and resolves to raise her child by herself and to never forgive her husband.

Mónica rapidly becomes disillusioned with her marriage, and she falls in love with Julio (Kuno Becker), the son of the owners of a local beauty salon and gym. The gym is one of the main locations where the action takes place, as Camila is employed there before her pregnancy becomes noticeable.

Ada (Dinorah Cavazos) is soon a good friend of Camila's, while Selene (Lourdes Reyes) sees Camila as a rival for Julio's affection. Rodrigo (Xavier Ortiz) has his advances rejected by Camila and helps Selene frame her for a theft.

The Iturralde Law Firm is also central to the action, as is Don Armando's home, where his wife Ana María (Gabriela Goldsmith) fights a long-term illness.



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