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Camille Marchetta, a former London literary agent, is a television writer and producer best known for her work on 1980s prime time soap operas Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest.[1]


Camille Marchetta was born in Brooklyn New York. She attended the College of New Rochelle where she later received a BA in English literature. After a trip to England, she decided to stay and took up residence there. While in England she worked with Richard Hatton Limited where she later became a literary director for the company.[2]


Prior to writing for the 1980s soap opera Dallas she wrote a screenplay for a television movie that was never produced, along with one episode for the short running series Lucan. On Dallas she started as a freelance writer and eventually made her way on to the writing staff, responsible for writing major story and plot lines. She also created some of the characters on the show. After Dallas she worked on Dynasty and Falcon Crest.[3]

Published works[edit]

  • The River By Moonlight
  • The Wives Of Frankie Ferrado
  • Lovers And Friends


  • 2008 Erik Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing [4]


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