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Camille Montes Rivero
Character from the James Bond series
Affiliation Bolivian Intelligence
Portrayed by Olga Kurylenko

Camille Montes Rivero is a fictional character in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace portrayed by actress Olga Kurylenko.

In film[edit]

Camille is a Bolivian national.[1] She first meets Bond in Haiti, where she intends to kill General Medrano, who murdered her entire family when she was a child (shooting her father in the head, then raping her mother and older sister before strangling them to death). She sleeps with Quantum member Dominic Greene to get to Medrano, but Greene soon grows suspicious of her and plans to kill her.

Upon first meeting Bond, Camille assumes that he is Mr. Slate, a geologist working for Greene, who had offered to sell her classified information. After attempting to kill "Slate", she returns to Greene, intent on being introduced to Medrano, formerly head of the Bolivian Army. When Greene betrays Camille, Bond rescues her, and they team up to go after Greene and Medrano.

Bond leaves Camille for a short period of time after she is knocked unconscious during an intense boat chase in Haiti to follow Greene to Austria, tracking him to a performance of Tosca. Camille soon appears at Greene's formal fundraising party to ruin it. Greene attempts to push her from a balcony but, once again, Bond saves her life.

Bond intervenes and takes her away from Greene, using MI6 Agent Strawberry Fields as a distraction, to prevent Greene's associate from following Bond and Camille as they leave the party; this costs Fields her life. Camille watches Bond as he kills Bolivian police officers in cold blood as revenge for shooting his ally Rene Mathis.

Camille and Bond trace Greene and Medrano to a desert eco-hotel. While Bond goes to fight Greene and his men, Camille faces Medrano, who attempts to rape and kill her. Camille gets the upper hand, however, and kills the dictator with a single shot to the head. As the hotel collapses around them, Bond shields Camille from the fire, and helps her escape. Bond leaves Greene in the middle of the desert and drives Camille to take a train station so she can go back to her home. The two share a quick kiss, and Camille wishes Bond luck in conquering his personal demons.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Barbara Broccoli said that she intended for Camille to return for Skyfall or a future film.[2] The character did not appear in Skyfall, however.


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