Camp Covington

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Change of command ceremony at Camp Covington

Camp Covington is located on the island of Guam, [1] and is located on board Naval Base Guam.

Camp Covington is one of the three main body deployment locations for the U.S. Navy Seabees. Currently, Camp Covington is occupied by the Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133. The 7th Fleet's Navy Expeditionary Forces Command Pacific is also headquartered here.

The camp offers a gym, cardio hall, and a mini-mart. It has its own barracks for Officers, Enlisted, and Chief Petty Officers; a galley, an armory, dental clinic, and various HQ buildings and warehouses.


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Coordinates: 13°24′49″N 144°40′22″E / 13.41361°N 144.67278°E / 13.41361; 144.67278