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Camp Ellis was a United States World War II Army Service Forces Unit Training Center[1] and prisoner-of-war camp between the towns of Bernadotte, Ipava, and Table Grove in Fulton County, Illinois.[2] Construction began on September 17, 1942,[2] and the camp opened on April 16, 1943,[1] with an official dedication July 14, 1943.[2] German prisoners of war were guarded by the 475th and 476th Military Police Escort Guard Companies.[3] Training activities ended in November 1944.[2]

The camp was named after Sergeant Michael B. Ellis, a World War I Medal of Honor recipient from East Saint Louis, Illinois.[1][4]

Units Served[edit]

Engineers Training at Camp Ellis, Illinois.
  1. 3052nd Quartermaster Salvage Col Co.
  2. 738th Engineer Base Depot Company
  3. 567th Engineer Dump Truck Company
  4. 539th Salvage Repair Company
  5. 475th Military Police Escort Guard Company
  6. 476th Military Police Escort Guard Company
  7. 4624th Service Unit ( Wac )
  8. 1303rd Engineer General Service Regiment Activated on 15 July 1943
  9. 123rd Infantry Company A
  10. 1317th Engineer General Service Regiment
  11. 1332nd Engineer Regiment (African-American Unit)
  12. 371st Engineer Construction Battalion
  13. 520th Transportation Battalion
  14. 548th CSB
  15. 600th Quartermaster Company
  16. 533rd CSB
  17. 123rd Infantry
  18. 181st Transportation Battalion Activated 25 June 1943


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