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Camp Orange: Girls vs Boys 2012 is the 8th season of the Australian television series Camp Orange. The season premiered 26 June 2012 on Nickelodeon (Australia and New Zealand). This year's hosts are Luke Ryan and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd.

Even though Camp Orange prides itself for being Australians and New Zealanders, this year featured only Australians. In fact, New Zealanders have only been chosen once (2011).

The girls won the mega challenge making them the winners of the contest. The winners of Champ Orange were the Grizzly Girls with 11 votes throughout the whole season.

Jeanette McCurdy co-hosted and helped the girls team. Other guests included Reece Mastin, Ellyse Perry and Emmanuel Rodriguez (a.k.a. E-man from Justice Crew).

The teams were:

  • Pink: The Ballistic Bellybuttons:Charlotte Massey and Harmony Sutherland
  • Turquoise: The Grizzly Girls:Monique Dewar and Giorgia Roberts
  • Navy: The Mega Monkeys:Koen Sapwell and Sam Daniele
  • Yellow: The Bulldozers:Tyler Southwick and Toby Lipton

This season featured surprises such as Wrong Town Dinner, where Jeanette creates a disgusting dinner for a randomly chosen team each night at 'campfire'. This year's wrong town dinners featured foul meals such as a 'barf burger'.

This season was rumoured to have been filmed in April 2012, but there have been no definite confirmations on time or date filmed. It has been said that they flew up to Sydney Australia to film Camp Orange.

The Super Cabin[edit]

This year, instead of having daily prizes for the daily winner, the winning team for each day got to spend the night in The Super Cabin which has electricity, a chocolate fountain, lollies, a Nintendo Wii and other perks. The losing team stayed in the Regular Cabin. The regular cabin has been said to have no electricity, cockroaches, and a hole in the door.

Daily Challenges[edit]

Day One[edit]

The first challenge was titled 'Break the Ice'. It was a 'get to know you' challenge. Prior to the competition, each contestant had chosen two random facts about themselves. The aim was to compete for each individual fact and match it with each contestant on the opposite team. It was 'relay style i.e. one boy and one girl at a time. Firstly, they would race down a slime covered water slide and jump into a supposedly very cold, waistdeep pool of muddy water and polystyrene blocks. They would then grab their associated balloon which contained the opposing team's facts. The girls got white and the boys got orange. They must then slide back up the slime slide to where there was a large orange cone with a pointed tip. There, they had to pop their balloon onto the point to retrieve the clue hidden inside. This proved easier said than done because the balloon was very heavy and slippery and the cone was mounted at about shoulder height. Once they had got their clue, they would then match it up on a board with them contestants name they thought it belonged to.

Even though the end result was that both teams only managed to get one fact right, the girls won because they finished first, causing the girls to win the privilege of The Super Cabin.

Day Two[edit]

The first challenge of the day was entitled 'Dart Tag: Nerfs of Steel'. It was a spin-off of the game Capture the Flag using new Nerf Blasters. The Camp Orange contestants were some of the first in Australia to test the new dart blasters. The aim is to tag or be tagged in a race to score points. Each team had a flag in their home base. While trying to capture the other team's flag without being tagged, you were also trying to tag the opposition, therefore preventing them from capturing you own team's flag. When a person was tagged, they would then be banished into the 'penalty box' where they would spend 10 seconds with Wyatt. If a person was carrying a flag while getting tagged, they would have to drop the flag and then go to the penalty box. each scoring tag was worth one point and each flag capture was worth five points. There were two rounds both lasting five minutes.

The overall winners were the boys who won both rounds, scoring them The Super Cabin.

The afternoon challenge was entitled 'Find a Frenemie'. It was designed very similar to the card game 'memory'. Scattered out along a field was a maze of 40 large cardboard boxes. Hidden underneath was either a 'frenemie' (a member of the opposing team), a booby trap or a bonus prize. Each individual team would go in (two at a time of course) and would have three minutes and six choices. The aim was to uncover boxes and try and find your all four frenemies between your whole team with the least number of tries. Short term memory was valuable in this challenge. Each frenemie found was worth ten points and under some boxes were bonuses such as 'five bonus points'. The team at the end with the most points won the challenge but would not score The Super Cabin as it had already been decided in the morning's challenge.

The winners were the boys on 45 and the girls on 30.

Day Three[edit]

The challenge of the day was called the 'Scavenger Scramble'. This episode guest starred Reece Mastin who helped out the boys. The aim of the game was to collect letters and spell a word at the end. Each letter was gained by performing a gross and yucky challenge. You must stick with your team for the entire team. No one could rush ahead, you always had to wait for your team mates.

The winners were the Girls, scoring them The Super Cabin.

Day Four[edit]

The first challenge was entitled 'Misfortune Cookie'. Each team was given a large cookie which had a variety of bugs baked into it. In the middle was a coloured strip of paper which indicated what colour lantern they would go for in the corresponding challenge. The girls found their strip of paper first, which was white. The next challenge involved each team to go out two at a time on a two person kayak, out into a lake. They would then use their paddles to knock down their team's coloured lantern which was hanging over the lake from a wire. Inside was a large number of Ping Pong balls, and some 'nasty surprises' which included dog food, crickets, cockroaches and other disgusting things. The aim was to collect as many ping pong balls as you could and bring them back to shore where you would throw them into a basket. The team with the most balls in their basket at the end was the winner.

The winning team was the girls with 54 balls and the boys collected 50.

The second challenge was entitled 'To Melon Back'. At the start of this challenge, Luke, Wyatt and Jeanette McCurdy performed a rap that was totally irrelevant to melons despite its title. The challenge involved one team member at a time to run down into the 'spooky corn field', grab a large water melon and empty its contents into a large plastic tube. The winners were the team that filled their plastic tube the fastest. To make it harder, each team member was given an unusual item they had to use to collect their melon (E.G A flipper, a baseball mit, an arm sling and a sack). Half way during the challenge, Charlotte of the Ballisitic Bellybuttons knocked over the girls watermelon tube causing them to fall behind majorly.

The winning team were the boys, scoring them The Super Cabin.

Day Five[edit]

At the start of this episode, Jeanette McCurdy announced that she had to return home to USA. The teams were devastated.

The mega challenge which was entitled 'The Mega Challenge'. It was simply an obstacle course and the team who completed it first were the winners. There were also 'random acts of ridiculousness' which slowed down the teams. This episode guest starred Ellyse Perry to help out the girls and Emmanuel Rodriguez (a.k.a. E-Man from Justice Crew).

The winners were the girls granting them 100 points.


Over the whole season, the girls earned 325 and the boys got 300 points, causing the girls to win Camp Orange: Girls VS Boys!

The winners of Champ Orange were the Grizzly Girls with a total of 11 points throughout the whole season.


Prizes for the winners included:

  • PS3 and PlayStation three games
  • A Smiggle backpack
  • Spongebob merchandise
  • An Air Hogs Sharpshooter
  • Lots of prizes from Hasbro

Prizes for the winners of Champ Orange included:

As a bonus, all the campers got to take home a Razor E Spark scooter, which they used to ride around camp.