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The Campaign Life Coalition (often called Campaign Life) is a Canadian conservative Christian pro-life group.[1] It is based in Toronto, Ontario.[2] The organization has existed since the late 1970s, and it has long been active in political campaigns.

Campaign Life has supported politicians from different political parties, including Liberals such as Tom Wappel[3] and Paul Szabo[4] and Conservatives such as Maurice Vellacott[5] and Stockwell Day.[citation needed]

At the provincial level, Campaign Life has been active in supporting the Family Coalition Party of Ontario.[6]

In addition to opposing abortion, Campaign Life also launched a vocal campaign against same-sex marriage in 2004-05.[7]

In 2005, the coalition criticised the Conservative Party for nominating same-sex marriage supporters John Baird and Peter Kent to run as candidates.[8] It expressed support for John Pacheco's "independent conservative" candidacy against Baird in Ottawa West—Nepean, and for Greg Watrich's independent candidacy against sitting Tory MP James Moore (Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam), a supporter of Bill C-38.[9]

One of its projects is LifeSiteNews, a news website dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family that was created in 1997.[10] LifeSiteNews has been characterized as an "online anti-abortion journal" by the National Post and a "pro-Life website" by the Vancouver Sun.[11][12] It is linked to a French-language website, Campagne Quebec-Vie. A Catholic priest, Raymond Gravel, filed a lawsuit against the websites in 2010 claiming that they had engaged in a campaign against him.[13]


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