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This article is about the surname Campbell. For other uses, see Campbell (disambiguation).
Family name
Campbell surname map.png
Campbell surname map
Region of origin Scotland
Footnotes: [1][2]

Campbell is primarily a Scottish family name of Gaelic origins.

In Scotland, the name itself derives from two Scottish Gaelic words. "Cam" and "Béal" meaning "Crooked mouth" or "wry-mouthed", originally a nickname which over time became used as a surname.[2]

Campbell is the 47th-most common surname in the United Kingdom,[3] including a significant number in Northern Ireland, largely as a result of the Plantation of Ulster when Scottish and English settlers came to the region. Within the United States, it is ranked as the 46th-most common surname.[4]

The most common Irish derivation is from the surname Mac Cathmhaoil. Descendants of a famous war-leader named Cathmhaoil took the surname, and was often pronounced as "Cammle". This coincidentally was the same pronunciation as the Scottish surname "Campbell". From this Irish surname, a number of derivations were arrived including MacCawill, McCaul, MacCall, Caulfield, and of course Campbell.[5]

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