Campeonato Potiguar

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Campeonato Potiguar
Country Brazil
Confederation CBF
Federação Norte-rio-grandense de Futebol
Founded 1919
Number of teams 10
Domestic cup(s) Copa do Brasil
Current champions Potiguar
Most championships ABC (52 titles)
2013 Campeonato Potiguar

The Campeonato Potiguar is the football league of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.


First Division

First stage: standard round-robin, in which all teams play each other once.

Second stage: home-and-away playoffs between the top 8 teams in the first stage. The winner of this stage is crowned the champion.

The team last placed in the first stage is relegated to the second division.

As in any other Brazilian soccer championship, the format can change every year.


First Division

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