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Industry Fashion, Restaurant, Hotel
Founded Spain (1975)
Headquarters Inca, Spain
Products Footwear

Camper (English /ˈkæmpər/; Catalan: [kəmˈpe], meaning "rustic") is a shoe company based in Inca, Spain. Lorenzo Fluxà Rosselló founded the company in 1975 after inheriting a shoe factory from his father, Antoni Fluxà, a Majorcan shoemaker. Camper has expanded to more than 400 stores in 50+ countries as well as distributing to thousands of independently-owned multi-brand retailers. The company's motto is "imagination walks".

Footwear Design[edit]

Camper began its journey via design and defying the status quo of the time. Its first shoe, Camaleón, was used by locals in the countryside and for leisure. Camper, reinventing the farmers version, created a new version destined for urbanites with an alternative flair and appreciation for craftsmanship and style with a twist.[1] Just as his grandfather before, Fluxà has been a pioneer in footwear, bringing avant-garde design to an emergent global move towards casual. Since Camaleón, Camper icons[1] such as Runner, Mix, Twins,[2] Brothers, Pelotas,[3] Peu[4] have made fans across the globe. In June 2014 Camper appoints Romain Kremer as the first ever creative director in the history of the company.[5]


Antonio Fluxà, a skilled shoemaker,[6] founded the company in 1877 with a vision to create an innovative family footwear business that would be established on the principles of honesty and simplicity. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, Fluxà travelled to England in hopes of learning how to develop new methods of industrial manufacturing. Upon his return, he recruited skilled workers from the island and introduced them to the machinery that would revolutionize the shoemaking industry.[6] From that point on, the business would be passed down from generation to generation. Fluxà’s son Lorenzo inherited the same passion and creative flair as his father. After the death of Franco in 1974, Spain was opened to a wave of creativity and freedom. The change in society inspired Camper to manufacture footwear that best represented the new liberal lifestyle that had emerged. In 1975, Antonio Fluxà’s grandson, Lorenzo, joined the family business and created Camper and in 1981 the first Camper store opened in Barcelona, again ahead of the times both in footwear and retail design. In 1992, Camper went International and began its expansion mainly in Europe with shops in London, Paris and Milan and soon after Japan, Taiwan and the United States were to follow.[7] In 2000, Lorenzo Fluxà’s son, Miquel Fluxà joined the company and was named CEO in 2011. Currently there are over 1,000 employees [8] committed to the values and vision that accomplishes the goals of the company.

The Name[edit]

Camper´s name is derived from the Catalan word, “campero” meaning “peasant or farmer”. Camper, in the Mallorcan language is considered as a countryman that lives in a rural environment. These shoes were created to reflect the Mallorcan roots, culture and history. Camper works to preserve the authenticity of the rural


Camper began expanding its brand into the new areas with a hotel and restaurant in Barcelona, Spain, and in Berlin, Germany. Casa Camper's [9] aesthetic fits into the company's philosophy of "the luxury of simplicity". The hotel chain practices environmental friendly methods such as state of the art water recycling, solar energy, clean transportation, and pioneers of non-smoking hotels. Casa Camper's Tentenpie is the answer to healthy alternative to the traditional mini bar.[9] Michelin star restaurant, DosPalilllos,[10] can be found in both the Barcelona and Berlin branches. Opened in December 2008 under Albert Raurich, former head chef of El Bulli between 2001 and 2007. Ferran Adrià and Vinçon design guru, Fernando Amat were also involved in this project.

Corporate sponsorships[edit]

Camper participated in the Paris Dakar, the World Windsurf Championships in 1984, Copa del Rey in 2006 and 2007, the TP52 Medcup in 2010 in and also in 2010 Camper partnered with the Emirates Team New Zealand, sponsoring the Camper with Emirates Team New Zealand entry in the Volvo Ocean Race for the 2011/12 edition, placing second overall.[11] Camper also was the Official Sponsor and Supplier of the Emirates Team New Zealand Challenge to the 34th America´s Cup in 2013,[12] where the team won the Louis Vuitton Trophy[13] and were defeated by the Defender in the final cup.[14]