Campo da Constituição

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Campo da Constituição
Campo da constituição.JPG
Location Porto, Portugal
Owner Futebol Clube do Porto
Capacity 20.000
Built 1913
FC Porto (1913–1952)

The Campo da Constituição[1] was the second ground of Portuguese football side FC Porto, built in the Constituição area of Porto.

In 1912 FC Porto's first ground, the Campo da Rainha was no longer capable of supporting the growth of the club, so the board searched for a new stadium, and the estate was leased by 350 PTE yearly. Opened officially in 26 January 1913 with a tournament with FC Porto, S.L. Benfica, Oporto Crickett Lawn-Tennis Club and Real Vigo, with Benfica emerging as winners.

The growth implied a new ground, the first guidelines appeared in 1933. While the new stadium was being studied (took until 1948 before the estate was chosen and bought), the Campo da Constituição was used and upgraded in 1938 with wooden boxes and a new stand. It was abandoned by the main football team in 1952 when the Estádio das Antas was finished.

In 2008 it was remodeled and its ground was reopened under the name Vitalis Park, being used as a training field for the youth trials.

Date Result Notes
5 April 1921 FC Porto 5-0 Real Madrid A friendly match.
23 April 1939 FC Porto 3-3 Benfica The draw granted the 1938-39 edition of the Primeira Divisão.


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