Campolide (Lisbon)

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Coat of arms of Campolide
Coat of arms
Country Portugal
Municipality Lisbon
 • Total 2.79 km2 (1.08 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 15,928
 • Density 5,700/km2 (15,000/sq mi)

Campolide is a Portuguese civil parish (freguesia) in the municipality of Lisbon. It was created on February 7, 1959.

Campolide was the site of a major battle on 5 September 1833, when the forces of Dom Miguel attacked those of Dom Pedro, as Pedro attempted to wrest back control of Portugal from his brother.[1]

Main sites[edit]


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Coordinates: 38°26′N 9°05′W / 38.43°N 9.09°W / 38.43; -9.09