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Ignite Your Faith was a print magazine for high school students of any Christian background. Officially closed in January 2009, it exists only as a website of archived content.


Youth for Christ magazine was founded in 1945. Its name was changed to Campus Life in October 1965. In July 1982, it was sold to Christianity Today International. In January 2006, the name was changed to Ignite Your Faith. Writers and editors who served at Campus Life and Ignite Your Faith include Philip Yancey, Dawson McAllister, Stephen Lawhead, Gregg Lewis, James P. Long, Chris Lutes, Dean Merrill, Harold Myra, Paul Robbins, and Tim Stafford. On January 21, 2009, Christianity Today International announced that it was ending publication of Ignite Your Faith after the Spring 2009 issue.[1]

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