Can't Stop Dreaming

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Can't Stop Dreaming
Studio album by Daryl Hall
Released 1996
Recorded June 1995
Genre Rock, Pop, Jazz
Length 56:18
Label BMG International
Producer Walter Afanasieff, David Bellochio, Daryl Hall, Michael Peden
Daryl Hall chronology
Soul Alone
Can't Stop Dreaming
Laughing Down Crying
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars link

Can't Stop Dreaming is a 1996 solo album by Daryl Hall. It was originally released in Japan and as a Limited Collector's Edition in 1996 with 12 tracks.[1] It was finally released in the USA on June 10, 2003, but it was missing one of its original tracks ("Something About You"). All versions of the album contain a remake of the Hall & Oates classic song "She's Gone."[2]

Original 1996 Release Track List[edit]

  1. "Can't Stop Dreaming" (Walter Afanasieff, Hall, Alan Gorrie, Dan Shea) 4:14
  2. "Let Me Be The One" (Gorrie, Hall, Melvin "Wah Wah" Regin) 4:55
  3. "Cab Driver" (Louis Brown, Hall, Gorrie) 5:22
  4. "Never Let Me Go" (Arthur Baker, Gorrie, Hall) 4:29
  5. "Holding Out For Love" (Gorrie, Hall) 3:57
  6. "Justify" (Brown, Hall) 3:57
  7. "What's In Your World" (David Brown, Gorrie, Hall, Scott Parker) 5:50
  8. "Hold On To Me" (Afanasieff, S. Allen, Gorrie, Hall) 4:36
  9. "She's Gone" (Hall, John Oates) 5:16
  10. "All By Myself" (Gorrie, Hall) 5:00
  11. "Fools Rush In" (Bellochio, Gorrie, Hall) 4:23

2003 Version Track List[edit]

  1. "Cab Driver"
  2. "Let Me Be The One"
  3. "Can't Stop Dreaming"
  4. "Never Let Me Go"
  5. "Holding Out For Love"
  6. "Justify"
  7. "What's In Your World"
  8. "Hold On To Me"
  9. "She's Gone"
  10. "All By Myself"
  11. "Fools Rush In"


  • Produced By Walter Afanasieff, David Bellochio, Daryl Hall & Michael Peden
  • Engineers: Frank Fagnano, Peter Moshay
  • Mastering: Bob Ludwig


  • Drums: David Bellochio, Jerry Krenach, Steve Wolf
  • Percussion: Peter Moshay
  • Drum Programming: Rupert Brown
  • Bass: Jack Daley, Tom "T-Bone" Wolk
  • Keyboards: David Bellochio, Daryl Hall, Dan Shea
  • Guitars: Ray Fuller, Alan Gorrie, Paul Livant, Bob Mayo, Craig Ross, Wah-Wah Watson
  • Saxophone: Roger Ball, Andy Snitzer
  • Backing Vocals: Sandy B., Alexis England, Klyde Jones


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