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APOGEE-Net/CanGèneTest is an international Network of Investigators and Decision Makers, funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) as an Emerging Team in Health Services Research. Its objective is to streamline the validation and evidence-based translation of genetic and genomic innovations and discoveries of proven clinical utility and cost-effectiveness from the discovery towards health care systems and improvement of population's health outcomes.

This project was initiated in 2003 with the funding of the APOGEE-Net Knowledge Network on Health Services and Policy Research in Genetics, followed by the funding of the CanGèneTest Research Network on Health Care and Policy in Genetic Laboratory Services. These two Networks merged in 2009 to be funded again by CIHR for five more years (2009 to 2014) and become the APOGEE-Net/CanGèneTest Research and Knowledge Network on Genetic Health Services and Policy. The Network has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts providing data or evidence along the Research continuum between discovery and health care. This Network involves 28 Investigators and collaborators from Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States and is led by Prof François Rousseau as its designated Principal Investigator. The Network has many partner organization including Eurogentest, PHGEN, SPIDIA and IFCC. The Network published every two weeks a horizon-scanning e-newsletter on genetic testing, destined to all types of stakeholders in the field.[citation needed]


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