Canaan-Hereford Road Border Crossing

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Canaan-Hereford Road Border Crossing
Canaan Vermont border station north view.jpg
US Border Inspection Station at Canaan, Vermont
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Vermont 141 Canaan, Vermont 05903

Canadian Port: Highway 141, Stanhope, Quebec J0B 2W0
Coordinates 45°00′46″N 71°33′37″W / 45.012666°N 71.56028°W / 45.012666; -71.56028
Opened 1930
US Phone (802) 266-3375
Canadian Phone (819) 844-2242
Hours Open 24 Hours

The Canaan-Hereford Road Border Crossing connects the towns of Saint-Herménégilde, Quebec and Canaan, Vermont. Remnants of the old Canaan Line House still stand abandoned between the two border inspection stations. It once served as a popular watering hole during Prohibition.[1] Both the US and Canadian border inspection stations are among the oldest buildings still being operated by the respective agencies.

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