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Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3
Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3.jpg
Cycle 3 cast
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 8
Original channel CTV
Original run May 26, 2009 (2009-05-26) – July 14, 2009 (2009-07-14)
Additional information
No. of contestants 11
Winner Meaghan Waller
Season chronology
← Previous
Cycle 2
Season summary

Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3, the third and final season of reality series Canada's Next Top Model, premiered on May 26, 2009, on CTV. Jay-Alexander retutned for his second season as the host. Cycle 3 features 11 women competing to be able to win a $100,000 beauty contract with Procter & Gamble (P&G Beauty), a modeling contract with Elmer Olsen Model Management, and a feature editorial spread in FASHION Magazine.[1] Encore presentations of the show air on A-Channel, Star! and FashionTelevisionChannel.[1][2]

Production of Canada's Next Top Model wrapped at the end of March 2009. Cycle 3 was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, and the panel judges are Fashion Television’s Jeanne Beker, supermodel Yasmin Warsame, and Montreal photographer Mike Ruiz. Nolé Marin returns as creative director for the show.[1]

This cycle's tagline is "It's time to break the mould!"

The finale aired on July 14, 2009, in which Meaghan Waller defeated Linsay Willier and won the competition.

Episode Summaries[edit]

Ice Baby Ice[edit]

Aired: May 26, 2009

20 finalists meet in Toronto, when they find that they are standing on 20 numbers. Jay picks 9 numbers and claims that those 9 are "real models, while the remaining 11 believe that they are no longer in the competition, but Jay then reveals that the 9 women he picked are truly real models and that the 11 of them actually are in the competition. Later, the 11 official contestants have their first challenge where they pose with the following animals:

Model Animal
Alexandra and Meaghan Wolf
Ebonie and Heather Bobcat
Jill, Nikita, and Tara Snake
Linsay and Tiffany Hawk
Maryam and Rebeccah Vulture

They also find out that they're being photographed by Nigel Barker in the style of 80s glamour.

Alexandra quit after the photo shoot with the reasoning that she was in an apparent accident before the show, some believe it was because her photoshoot didn't go well. The Judges did not seem impressed or to believe her reasons for leaving the show.

  • Quit: Alexandra McCallum

Jill lands in the bottom two for not working her best assets despite a good photo. The judges gave her a second chance and eliminated Tiffany because the judges feel like that she didn't have any passion for the competition.

  • First call-out: Maryam Massoumi
  • Bottom Two: Jill Pukesh & Tiffany MacDonald
  • Eliminated: Tiffany MacDonald
  • Guest Judge: Nigel Barker


Aired: June 2, 2009

The girls all enter their top model home after Tiffany's departure from the competition.Tara reads a letter Tiffany Had left & places it upstairs on the girls bulltetin board.The girls all go to sleep at 3:00 am & at 6:00 am Nole arrives to their house in a police man get up & informs them they have committed crimes of fashion;with that the girls go to a court room the judge is revealed to be Jay & he informs every girl what her makeovers are going to be. At the makeovers, everyone has a good reaction to their new look except for Nikita & Ebonie, who hate their transformations; Nikita because of the short bangs she was given & Ebonie because her hair was too unhealthy for the proper makeover to take place; therefore, she received a short jaw~length weave as her makeover. The girls are then taken to their house & Nikita continues to complain about her hair; Ebonie calls her mom & cries about how she didn't get the makeover they wanted to give her. While Tara admits that's she doesn't like Nikita's cussing habits. The next day the girls are taken to H&M in which Jay introduces June Ambrose, a hair & celebrity stylist. The girls learn they have a challenge in which they go around the store & make an outfit in 15 minutes so June & Jay can see how the girls interpret their own looks. After all the girls are critiqued for how they did the winner of the challenge is revealed by June to be Rebeccah who receives a $2,500 dollar gift card from H&M. The girls get in a Van & are informed by a Jay Mail that they will go straight to their photoshoot.They are taken to the Art gallery of Ontario & learn they will be posing on ladders with male models. Everyone does very well except for Rebeccah & Jill, who both struggled. The girls enter judging room & most were praised for their frames; While Rebeccah is told she looks like twiggy in her photo & should keep originality in her photographs. Jill and Rebeccah fall in the bottom two, Jill for her desire to win the competition not being visible & Rebeccah for not having originality in her photo. In the end the last photograph is given to Rebeccah & Jill is sent home in tears & a sign of relief.

  • First call-out: Nikita Kiceluk
  • Bottom Two: Jill Pukesh & Rebeccah Wyse
  • Eliminated: Jill Pukesh
  • Guest Judge: June Ambrose

A Warm Safe Place[edit]

Aired: June 9, 2009

Straight after the judging panel, all the girls go to their hotel pool, where they find Mike and Yasmin. For an unofficial test, the girls must get in the water, and stay fierce even when water is being splashed at them by another girl. Almost all the girls struggle, but Meaghan manages to stay camera-ready, and the judges take notice of her cool attitude under pressure. The challenge of the week involved the girls smashing berries on their faces to get a good lipstain, inspired by Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain and the advertising campaign designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada. Due to the challenge taking place extremely early, Nikita struggled, working on very little energy, and her tiredness showed. Linsay won the challenge for her great photo, which garnered her fifty extra frames for the next shoot.

Next, Jay shocks the girls when he announces that they would be traveling to Nassau for this week's photoshoot. Ebonie, being from the Bahamas, is thrilled, but Maryam is upset after being told that she is unable to go, due to her not having a passport. At the photoshoot, the girls portrayed castaway brides whose fiancés left them at the altar, and went to the beach to cry, the wardrobe for the shoot being wedding dresses. Nikita's performance was not strong due to the strong waves pushing her, while Ebonie claimed that it was her best photoshoot yet. In Toronto, Maryam did a similar photo shoot at a studio, which later made the girls upset.

Back in Canada, the girls arrive at the judging room. Jay said he expected more from Nikita’s photo, and that Nolé had reported that there was an overall gloom and negativity around her, and Yasmin was put off by her attitude toward the shoot. Natasha Launi, acclaimed Montreal photographer, felt differently about the photoshoot. She said that "Nole was hard to work with at first but when she became more comfortable with the camera she proved to be a pro". Meaghan felt that she performed poorly, but pulled off a great photo. Ebonie produced a bad photo, but stated her strong suspicion towards the judges that they did not pick her best shot. Heather wows the judges with her amazing photo, while Rebeccah brings real pain towards her shot due to the recent death of her dog. Maryam also does well, but the judges state their great concern for her not having her passport. Linsay produces a good shot, but the judges aren't happy that she isn't looking into the camera again.

The judges deliberated and picked Heather for the photo of the week, with Meghan, Maryam, Rebeccah, Linsay, and Nikita following. In the end, it's Ebonie and Tara that are in the bottom 2, for poor-closeups in their pictures. In the end, it was Ebonie who was sent home, for not looking like a model in person.

  • First call-out: Heather Delaney
  • Bottom Two: Ebonie Finley & Tara Didon
  • Eliminated: Ebonie Finley
  • Guest Judge: Helen Pak

Model Meltdown[edit]

Aired: June 16, 2009

The remaining seven models model with duct tape on their lips as a beauty photoshoot. At judging Maryam impresses the judges with her photo for standing out & Heather but Meagan is told that she would've been commended if it weren't for her photo looking so similar to Heathers; who was also commended.

In the end Tara & Linsay land in the bottom 2; Tara for holding back in her photograph & Linsay (who was in the midst of tears) for appearing old despite stellar photography.

In the end Linsay is handed the last photograph & Tara is asked to leave as she struts out the judging room with much applaud from the judges & Jay for her runway walk.

  • First call-out: Maryam Massoumi
  • Bottom Two: Linsay Willier & Tara Didon
  • Eliminated: Tara Didon
  • Guest Judge: Irina Lazareanu

Battle of the Blondes[edit]

Aired: June 23, 2009

  • First call-out: Meaghan Waller
  • Bottom Two: Linsay Willier & Rebeccah Wyse
  • Eliminated: Rebeccah Wyse
  • Guest Judge: Dan Levy

Bright Lights - No Pity[edit]

Aired: June 30, 2009

The girls arrived home after panel and are welcomed by a Jay Mail, which told them that he was high on a tower. Much to Nikita's dislike, the girls went up to the top of the tower by elevator, where Nikita explained that she was afraid of heights. At the top, Jay revealed the girls were going to New York City to meet designers, but that Maryam—who still did not have a passport—would have to stay in Toronto with no alternative opportunity.

In New York, with no time to spare, the girls struggled to find a taxi, not knowing how to flag one down. Meaghan upset Nikita twice: first when she took a taxi she had already flagged down, and second when she was already at a location when Nikita arrived. Heather also did poorly, having forgotten her high heels at the apartment and only having boots. Linsay changed into her pants in the taxi. Meaghan left her portfolio at the previous agency and didn't have it for her current go-see, but the designer told her that he knows when he sees a girl who photographs well, and feels that Meaghan is a good photograph model.

Linsay and Meaghan arrived back at the agency first. Last to show, Nikita struggled to return by 5:00, having traveled part of the way on foot until there were no more buildings and then paying $40 to hitchhike back. However, she arrived back at the agency late.

The namesake head of Elmer Olsen Models, one of the sponsors of this cycle's prizes, came out, surprising the girls. He announced that two girls were very close to winning. In the end, Meaghan won the challenge for her strong look and runway walk. Linsay placed in a very close second. In the bottom two, Heather and Nikita were unranked.

The girls learned that they would be doing two shoots this week, two different alter egos. In the first shot, the girls would have to imagine themselves as being a different geeky crew member, and in the second they had to imagine themselves as a diva.

Model Geeky Crew Member Alter Ego
Heather Makeup Artist
Linsay Hairstylist
Meaghan Wardrobe Stylist
Nikita Photographer

The girls worked to get into character for the geeky alter ego, and played with the geeky glasses that were a part of the wardrobe. All of the girls did a decent job. For the diva alter ego, the girls had extreme makeup and wigs dyed by Perfect 10, with hair colors different from the hair they had. All of the girls managed to pull off a great shot, while Linsay impressed Nolé by really thinking about her poses and how they would look compiled together. Back in Toronto, Maryam worked hard to make up not participating in the photoshoot. She called a friend who was a photographer to do a photo shoot with her, posing with a gecko.

Later, the girls in New York received a $5,000 Visa card to spend in New York. They assumed that the $5000 was supposed to be split five ways each, giving each girl $1,000, but due to Maryam not coming they split the money four ways, and got Maryam a t-shirt.

Back in Canada, the girls were judged on their photos. Linsay impressed the judges with her strong performance at the go-sees, and for her good photo. Meaghan, Nikita and Heather also told they had good photos; Meaghan was praised for winning the go-sees, while Heather and Nikita were told they did the worst, and failed to impress very many of the designers. When Maryam was called up, she explained to the judges about the situation with not having her passport and finding a friend to help her do a photo shoot. Jay accepted the photograph she presented, noting that her actions were a good sign of her ambition but that her missing the experience was a definite disadvantage.

After the deliberation, Linsay was called first and got photo of the week, for commanding the room during her go-sees and for her strong photo. Meaghan was called next. Jay told the remaining three girls that the judges debated over the situation over Maryam not having a passport. The judges found Maryam's body of work strong enough for her to stay in the competition, and presented her with a blank photo, meaning that there would be no photo from this week to be added to her portfolio. Nikita and Heather landed in the bottom 2, not for their pictures, which Jay explained were not bad, just OK, but for their performances in New York. In the end, Heather was eliminated. After her elimination, Heather said that she was a little bit relieved, because after her experience in New York, she realized that modeling was not what she wanted to do.

  • First call-out: Linsay Willier
  • Bottom Two: Heather Delaney & Nikita Kiceluk
  • Eliminated: Heather Delaney
  • Guest Judge: Richie Rich

Rippin' It Up[edit]

Aired: July 7, 2009

The girls were surprised when Jay and Miss J came into the loft, preparing them for runway. One at a time the girls walked, some impressing Miss J. Linsay was told that she did really well, and that Miss J thought she was lying about being from a small town with no modelling experience. Miss J critiqued Maryam for walking with her head down, and Nikita for walking with her bottom out too far.

The girls discovered they would be wrapped in bathroom tissue for their challenge, which they would have to preserve as they walked an obstacle course runway. Nikita managed to hold hers together the best, but the girls learned that the actual challenge would be to model couture tissue paper dresses as part of a campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. Miss J told the girls that the challenge was to sell the dresses without them tearing apart. Maryam ripped Linsay's dress while trying to help the stylists dress Linsay. Linsay, Maryam, Nikita and Meaghan wore tissue dresses designed by Thien LE, David Dixon, Joyce Gunhouse for Comrags, and Lucian Matis, respectively. Linsay tripped going back out for evaluation, and Linsay and Maryam disagreed over whether Linsay's tripping worsened the rip Maryam had made. Linsay won the challenge and was given a shopping trip to Hold Renfrew for shoes with Miss J.

The girls did a CoverGirl photo shoot with Mike Ruiz, who revealed that the Top Model winner would have her ad for CoverGirl Exact Eyelights featured nationally.

At elimination, the girls one by one had to come in to walk. Yet again, Linsay impressed Miss J with her walk, but Meaghan immediately showed her lack of confidence from her poor performance in the photo shoot. Maryam upset the judges by looking down again.

Each girl was told that she had done a good job at the photo shoot. Linsay was up first, and was praised for her strong walk and beautiful photo. Maryam was told she performed well, and was Nolé's favorite of the day to shoot, but had sadness in her eyes and expression. Nikita and Meaghan showed little confidence, Meaghan for the wardrobe changes and Nikita for not looking like a CoverGirl, and critiqued their own photos, which the judges liked.

Before evaluating the photos, Jay told the girls that he had gotten word from the designers that one of the dresses was ripped, and asked for an explanation. Linsay, whose dress was ripped, explained that Maryam had tried to help but ripped the dress a significant amount. Maryam said that it was only a little rip, but Meaghan and Nikita sided with Linsay.

Nikita was called first for the second time, but was told that nobody got photo of the week this week because they all had done well. Linsay, despite her lack of confidence, was called next for blowing the judges away with her photo. Meaghan and Maryam landed in the bottom two. Jay told Meaghan she had a slow rise and at the first sign of trouble, came crashing down. He told Maryam she has shown she can consistently overcome hurdles but the judges worry that the industry just won’t put up with all the complications. He said a lot of heated arguments and tears ensued and asked what was harder to overcome – a complicated life or a lack of confidence? Maryam was sent home.

  • First call-out: Nikita Kiceluk
  • Bottom Two: Maryam Massoumi & Meaghan Waller
  • Eliminated: Maryam Massoumi
  • Guest Judge: Miss J

Rockin' the Runway[edit]

Aired: July 14, 2009

Season 3 concludes as the final three hopefuls compete in a high-stakes photo shoot. Then, Nikita is eliminated, and Meaghan and Linsay walk the runway in a fashion show attended by the industry elite.

  • First Call-Out: Linsay Willier
  • Bottom Two: Meaghan Waller & Nikita Kiceluk
  • Eliminated: Nikita Kiceluk

Meaghan and Linsay compete for their final runway walk and after the runway the judges deliberated their overall performance. The girls were called back and Meaghan became the 3rd winner of Canada's Next Top Model

  • Final Two: Linsay Willier & Meaghan Waller
  • Canada's Next Top Model: Meaghan Waller
  • Guest Judge: Nolé Marin



In order of elimination

Contestant Age Hometown Ranking
Alexandra McCallum 22 Coquitlam, British Columbia Quit in Episode 1
Tiffany MacDonald 23 Toronto, Ontario Eliminated in Episode 1
Jill Pukesh 19 Vancouver, British Columbia Eliminated in Episode 2
Ebonie Finley 21 Plessisville, Quebec Eliminated in Episode 3
Tara Didon 19 Cowansville, Quebec Eliminated in Episode 4
Rebeccah Wyse 18 Etobicoke, Ontario Eliminated in Episode 5
Heather Delaney 21 Halifax, Nova Scotia Eliminated in Episode 6
Maryam Massoumi 18 Vancouver, British Columbia Eliminated in Episode 7
Nikita Kiceluk 19 Calgary, Alberta Eliminated in Episode 8
Linsay Willier 22 Edmonton, Alberta Runner-up
Meaghan Waller 19 Winnipeg, Manitoba Winner


Call-out order[edit]

Jay's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Maryam Nikita Heather Maryam Meaghan Linsay Linsay Linsay Meaghan
2 Heather Heather Meaghan Nikita Maryam Meaghan Nikita Meaghan Linsay
3 Tara Ebonie Maryam Heather Nikita Maryam Meaghan Nikita
4 Meaghan Tara Rebeccah Meaghan Heather Nikita Maryam
5 Rebeccah Linsay Linsay Rebeccah Linsay Heather
6 Nikita Meaghan Nikita Linsay Rebeccah
7 Ebonie Maryam Tara Tara
8 Linsay Rebeccah Ebonie
9 Jill Jill
10 Tiffany
11 Alexandra
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, Alexandra quit the competition.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: 80's Glamour-inspired with Wild Animals
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Posing on a Ladder with Male Models
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Castaway Brides in Bahamas Beach
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Avantgarde Beauty Shots with Duct Tape on Lips
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: LG Phone Ad in a Club
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Couture-Geeky Crew Member Alter Egos
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: CoverGirl Exact Eye Lights
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Fashion Magazine Covershoot


Jill - Deborah Harry inspired blonde hair color

Ebonie - Halle Berry inspired cropped brown hair intended; later, short cut

Tara - Trimmed and sideswept bangs added

Rebeccah - Agyness Deyn inspired cropped platinum blonde hair

Heather - Dyed strawberry blonde and eyebrows bleached

Maryam - Vidal Sassoon inspired shoulder-length haircut

Nikita - Bettie Paige inspired black hair with bangs

Linsay - Linda Evangelista inspired cropped black hair

Meaghan - Hair lightened, and high lighted, hair extensions added

Post-Top Model Careers[edit]

  • Meaghan is currently signed with Elmer Olsen Model Management in Toronto, Swish Model Management, and Storm Model Management.
  • Nikita is currently signed with I Model Management in Calgary. She also signed a beauty endorsement with Hummingbird Medi Spa for a year.
  • Maryam is currently signed with Elite Model Management.
  • Heather is currently signed with Models International Management.


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