Canada-Israel Committee

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Canada-Israel Committee
Logo of the Canada-Israel Committee
Abbreviation CIC
Extinction 2011
Type Organizations based in Canada
Legal status defunct
Purpose advocate and public voice, educator and network
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Region served
Official language
English, French, Also Hebrew
Parent organization
Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy
Affiliations UIA Federations Canada

The Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) was the official representative of the organized Canadian Jewish community on matters pertaining to Canada-Israel relations.

The Canada-Israel Committee maintained offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Israel, and was affiliated with the Quebec-Israel Committee. Its staff consisted of experts in government policy, communications, Arab-Israeli relations and Middle East affairs, and Canadian Middle East policy.

Due to a restructuring of Jewish community bodies, effective July 1, 2011, the CIC ceased operations and its responsibilities were assumed by its parent organization, the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA).


CIC was funded by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, the advocacy arm of Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA.


The CIC was devoted to the promotion of increased understanding between the peoples of Canada and Israel. It is a non-partisan, voluntary, non-profit organization that enjoys the support of Canadians from all walks of life. In seeking to enhance Canada-Israel friendship, the CIC liaised with government, media, business and the academic sector, often submitting briefs and providing background analyses on matters of public policy. In addition, it sponsored seminars, conferences and other types of educational programming in Canada, and organized study missions to Israel.

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