Canada 2016 Census

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27th Census of Canada
General information
Country Canada
Date taken May 10, 2016
Total population to be determined
Percent change to be determined
Most populous province/territory to be determined
Least populous province/territory to be determined

The Canada 2016 Census is a forthcoming detailed enumeration of the Canadian population scheduled for May 2016. The census, to be conducted by Statistics Canada, is in the planning stage, and will be Canada's seventh quinquennial census.[N 1] Statistics Canada has identified May 10, 2016 as the official census day.[2]


Consultation with census data users, clients, stakeholders and other interested parties closed in November 2012. Qualitative content testing, which involves soliciting feedback regarding the questionnaire and tests responses to its questions, is scheduled for the fall of 2013, with more extensive testing to occur in May 2014. Statistics Canada will submit its census content recommendations for review by the Parliament of Canada in December 2014 for subsequent final approval by the Cabinet of Canada.[3]

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  1. ^ Canada's first quinquennial census was conducted in 1956.[1]


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