Canada national netball team

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Canada national netball team
Flag of Canada.svg
Region Americas
Head coach Ann Willcocks
Manager Mary Webb

The Canadian national netball team is the national netball team of Canada. As of 21 July 2012, Canada were 21st in the IFNA World Rankings, having recently moved up 4 positions.[1][unreliable source?] The team participates in the Netball World Championships, its best result came in 1991 when they came 6th.[2][unreliable source?] Canada's first netball win was in the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games when they beat Sri Lanka 52-49.[3] The current Team Canada members are below.[4]

Canada national netball team
Players Coaching staff
  • Nicole Benson
  • Kelsey Binns
  • Aleasha Bremner
  • Carolyn Churchland
  • Shawnette Cockburn
  • Jessie Evans
  • Amonda Francis
  • Morgan McLaughlin
  • Amber Sinclair
  • Sandra Tom
  • Sabrina Versteeg
  • Tiffany Wolfe
  • Head coach: Ann Willcocks
  • Asst coach: Lorraine Brown
  • Manager: Mary Webb

The team recently came 5th in the 2012 AFNA Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago. [5]


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