Canadian Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters

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Canadian Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters

Brewers Cup[edit]

The competition includes two heats: the first, and a finals round. During the first round, the twelve contestants exhibit two coffee services – a compulsory service and an open service. For the compulsory service (Saturday, April 20, 2013), competitors prepare three beverages utilizing whole bean coffee provided to them by the competition. For the open service (Sunday, April 21, 2013), competitors may utilize any whole bean coffee of their choosing and must also accompany their beverage preparation with a presentation of their liking. The six competitors with the highest score from the first round (Saturday) will go on to compete in the finals round (Sunday) consisting exclusively of an open service. One competitor from the final round will become the Canadian Brewers Cup[1] champion and will represent Canada at the World Brewer's Cup.[2] The winner is sponsored for travel and accommodation to the World Brewers Cup May 23–26, 2013 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in Melbourne, Australia.[3] In April 2013, Joshua Tarlo, resident barista and head of quality control from Lit Espresso Bar (810 College St. & 221 Roncesvalles Ave.) took the title of Canada’s top coffee brewer at the Canadians Brewers Cup[4] in Ottawa, Ontario.

Rules and Regulations[4]

Cup Tasters[edit]

This event is designed to award the professional coffee cupper who exhibits speed, skill, and accuracy while distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees.[5] The coffees of the world have many distinct taste characteristics and in this competition format the objective is for the cupper to distinguish the differences between the various coffees. Three cups are placed in a triangle, with two cups being identical coffees and one cup being a different coffee. Using skills of smell, taste, attention and experience, the cupper will identify the odd cup in the triangle as quickly as s/he can. A total of eight triangles are placed in each round. Sixteen cuppers compete and the top four from the competitors with the most correct answers and the fastest time proceed to the finals round on Sunday, April 21. The winner of the finals round is Canada’s Cup Taster champion and will represent Canada (travel and accommodation sponsored) in the World Cup Tasters Championship June 26–28, 2013 at SCAE World of Coffee in Nice, France

Rules and Regulations[6]