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Canadian Bush Party is a Canadian punk trio from Canada, formed by Sheppy Fortrell, Jimi Payne, and Bucky Lopez in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1977.

Canadian Bush Party is known for their unsubtle use of Canadian imagery, such as Don Cherry, or the Squamish Five. The band has their own independent record label Modo Records.

Mohinder Sandhu has substituted for Lopez on some of the band's recordings.

The film Hard Core Logo, a mockumentary about a fictional punk band's reunion tour, includes a song called "Canadian Bush Party" in tribute to the band.


  • Canadian Bush Party (EP) (1977)
  • Government Dairy (1978)
  • Driving to Squamish (1983)
  • Just add beer (1985)
  • A Whores Divorce (EP) (1987)
  • Man-Sized Thirst (1988)
  • Back to Squamish: Greatest Hits (1989)
  • You Don't Joke About the FLQ (1998)
  • And You Said We Couldn't Make it (Compilation) (1999)
  • Punk Vs Ska (Compilation) (2000)

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