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Consulate General of Canada in Chicago
The Canadian Consul in Chicago represents Canadian interests in Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA
Address 180 North Stetson Avenue
Ambassador Gitane De Silva

The Consulate General of Canada in Chicago is a Canadian diplomatic mission responsible for Canadian interests in the American states of Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and parts of northwestern Indiana. The Consulate General is part of a world-wide network of Canadian diplomatic and trade offices, including more than 20 across the United States. In the Midwest, Canada accounts for more than 35% of the region's international trade. Canada is the largest export market for Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin -- larger than Mexico, China, Brazil, Australia and Japan combined. The Midwest-Canada trade relationship is worth more than $60 billion annually and supports more than 650,000 Midwest jobs. Canada is also the largest foreign supplier of oil, natural gas, electricity and uranium to the U.S. The trade partnership, along with an integral energy relationship, a shared responsibility for the Great Lakes and our environment, and the vast cultural, academic and tourism ties between us, are just a few examples of why the Canada-U.S. relationship is so beneficial and meaningful to both nations. The Canadian Consulate General in Chicago works to further this relationship by promoting Canada's interests in this region through stronger trade and economic ties, as well as enhanced political, academic and cultural links between Canada and the Midwest. The Consulate General also provides consular assistance to Canadians who are visiting or living in our territory.

Former Consuls General[edit]

  • Edmond Turcotte (November 10, 1947)[1] - the first consul-general
  • Douglas S. Cole (August 1, 1950-)
  • Frederick H. Palmer (February 1, 1955-)
  • Gerald A. Newman (April 15, 1957-October 16, 1960)
  • Charles F. Wilson (April 7, 1960-December 31, 1964)
  • Stanley V. Allen (January 29, 1965-June 19, 1969)
  • Leland H. Ausman (June 17, 1969-April 1, 1970)
  • Robert D. Sirrs (April 1, 1970-August 15, 1971)
  • John Timmerman (August 25, 1971-September 5, 1974)
  • Wilmer J. Collett (May 8, 1974-July 9, 1979)
  • James H. Stone (April 4, 1979-May 1, 1980)
  • Robert H. Gaynor (1980-1984)
  • Anthony Halliday (1984-1989)
  • Douglas Valentine (August 24, 1989-)
  • Allan Lever (December 15, 1993-)
  • J. C. Poole (July 10, 1997-)[2]
  • Georges Rioux (August 14, 2006–August 21, 2011)[3]
  • Gitane De Silva (2012-2013)


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