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Cycling Canada Cyclisme
Logo of the CCA.jpg
Sport Cycling
Founded 1882
Affiliation UCI
Regional affiliation COPACI
Chief Exec Greg Mathieu
Official website

Cycling Canada or CC (in French: Cyclisme Canada or CC) is the national governing body of cycle racing in Canada.


Cycling Canada Cyclisme is a National Sport Organization whose main reason for being is the organization and promotion of cycling in Canada. The activities of the Association are carried out within the constraints of sound business practices with regard to the ethics required of professional staff and to the spirit in which its volunteers function.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES •Consultation with members is the foundation for decision-making considering the diverse needs and activities of the members •Cycling Canada Cyclisme is governed by volunteers to ensure balance in its overall business •Demonstrate integrity in all aspects of the business through open and direct accountability to its membership •Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated as Cycling Canada Cyclisme operates in an environment of mutual trust and respect between participants, volunteers and staff •Facilitate standardisation in the delivery of programs and services •Support development of strategic partnerships •Equality of access to the services of Cycling Canada Cyclisme

GUIDING STRATEGIES •The development of a strong network of certified coaches and instructors, organizers, officials, events, volunteers and staff •The development of elite athletes •Accessibility to cycling opportunities •National and Regional training centres •A balanced emphasis on all aspects of sport cycling •Financial stability with a diverse revenue base

Mission & Vision[edit]

Canada is a leading cycling nation, consistently celebrating international competitive success.

The Mission of Cycling Canada exists to pursue world class results by leading high performance programs and enabling the development of athletes.


Pursuit of Excellence •Whether it’s defined as success in international competition or the setting of a new personal standard – is a worthy goal, and its pursuit – whether it’s by an athlete, coach, official or administrator – warrants support and recognition.

Character Development •Cycling teaches that success – at any age and at any level – is based on self-motivation, dedication, discipline and teamwork: a lesson that benefits cyclists throughout their lives.

Respect •In cycling, as in life, diversity should be respected: cycling is a sport for all.

Integrity •Integrity, honesty and respect for fair play provide the foundation on which the sport of cycling is built in Canada.

Lifestyle and Health •Cycling is a sport for life; it contributes to physical and mental well-being, and provides lifelong opportunities for competition, fitness, recreation and simple participation.

Volunteerism •The ongoing success of Canadian cycling depends on valued volunteers who give freely of their time, experience and expertise.


Cycling Canada also operates CAN-BIKE, a nationally standardized series of courses on all aspects of cycling safely oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling.


Cycling Canada is a member of the UCI and COPACI.


Cycling Canada, previously the Association Cycliste Canadienne-Canadian Cycling Association (130177116rr0001) is registered with Canadian Revenue Agency as a Canadian amateur athletic association (RCAAA); therefore, they can issue official donation receipts and are eligible to receive gifts from registered charities since on 1973-04-27.[1]

Provincial governing bodies[edit]

Province Federation
 British Columbia Cycling British Columbia
 Alberta Alberta Bicycle Association
 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Cycling Association
 Manitoba Manitoba Cycling Association
 Ontario Ontario Cycling Association
 Quebec Quebec Cycling Federation (Fédération Québecoise des Sports Cyclistes)
 New Brunswick Velo New Brunswick
 Nova Scotia Bicycle Nova Scotia
 Newfoundland and Labrador Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador
 Yukon Cycling Association of Yukon
 Prince Edward Island Cycling PEI

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