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Canadian Lacrosse League
Current season, competition or edition:
2014 Canadian Lacrosse League season
Sport Indoor lacrosse
Founded 2011
Inaugural season 2012
No. of teams 5
Country  Canada
Most recent champion(s) Niagara Lock Monsters
Most titles Three-way tie
Official website

The Canadian Lacrosse League (CLax) is a men's professional indoor lacrosse league based in Canada, beginning play in January 2012. The league is North America's third professional lacrosse league, after Major League Lacrosse (a field lacrosse league) and the National Lacrosse League (the established professional indoor lacrosse organization). Similar to the NLL and unlike other lacrosse leagues that play in the summer, the Clax plays its games in the winter and spring.

In 2012, the inaugural year, the league had six teams in three cities: the Brampton Inferno and Peel Avengers in Brampton, Ontario, the Iroquois Ironmen and Ohsweken Demons in Hagersville, Ontario, and the Durham TurfDogs and Oshawa Machine in Oshawa, Ontario. In 2013, the league expanded to seven teams and entered into three new markets, adding the Barrie Blizzard in Barrie, Ontario, moving the Machine to Toronto, Ontario to create the Toronto Shooting Stars, and moving the Avengers to St. Catharines, Ontario to become the Niagara Lock Monsters.


The league's original intentions were to feature eastern and western leagues. This plan was modified to have multiple Ontario teams and one Quebec location in the first year.[1]

The first three teams announced were franchises in Ohsweken, Peterborough, and Montreal.[1] An article in July listed a team in London.[2] Of the original three, only Oshweken wound up with an actual team in the 2012 season.[1] With only three teams, the league decided two teams should operate in each announced location, leading to the creation of the Iroquois Ironmen, Peel Avengers, and Durham TurfDogs. Rodney Hill operated the two Oshweken teams, but the league owned the other clubs initially.[1]

The inaugural games took place January 7, 2012 starting at in Ohsweken. The first game was an 18-11 win for the Brampton Inferno over the hometown Iroquois Ironmen. In the second game, the Peel Avengers defeated the Durham TurfDogs 16-9. To conclude the opening day of league play, the Oshawa Machine played the Ohsweken Demons losing 13-9.[3]

It was announced on October 3, 2012 that the league would be expanding to three new markets: Barrie, Toronto, and St. Catharines. The Oshawa Machine would be moving to Toronto to become the Toronto Shooting Stars, the Peel Avengers would relocate to St. Catharines, and the city of Barrie would be awarded an expansion team. It was also announced that the Durham Turf Dogs would be changing their name to the Oshawa Turf Dogs.

In November 2013, the defending champion Iroquois Ironmen announced that they were ceasing operations and would no longer compete in CLax. In December 2013 it was announced that the 2013 finalists, Toronto Shooting Stars, were folding as well. Also, the Brampton Inferno would become a touring team based out of Southwestern Ontario called the SouthWest Cyclops.

Current Teams[edit]

Team City Arena (Capacity)
Barrie Blizzard Barrie, Ontario Barrie Molson Centre (4,195)
Durham TurfDogs Oshawa, Ontario GM Centre (5,113)
Niagara Lock Monsters St. Catharines, Ontario Seymour-Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre (1,500)
Ohsweken Demons Hagersville, Ontario Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (2,300/3,000)
SouthWest Cyclops Hagersville, Ontario Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (2,300/3,000)

Creators' Cup Championship History[edit]

Season Champion Finalist Score Game MVP
2012 Ohsweken Demons Iroquois Ironmen 15-10 Chris Attwood (Ohsweken)
2013 Iroquois Ironmen Toronto Shooting Stars 14-11 Travis Hill (Iroquois)
2014 Niagara Lock Monsters Ohsweken Demons 10-9 OT Dave DiRuscio (Niagara)

Former teams[edit]

Team City First
Iroquois Ironmen Hagersville, Ontario 2012 2013 Folded
Toronto Shooting Stars Toronto, Ontario 2013 2013 Folded

Major awards[edit]


Year Season MVP Outstanding Player Top Offensive Top Transition Top Defense Top Goalie Top Rookie
2012 Mike Attwood (II) Chris Attwood (OD) Chris Attwood (OD) John McClure (DT) Colin Boucher (DT) Jeff Powless (OD) Not awarded
2013 Wayne VanEvery (OD) Corey Fowler (NLM) Andrew Potter (NLM) Mack O'Brien (TSS) Ben McCullough (BI) Connor Danko (NLM) Caleb Wiles (BB)
2014 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) Chris Attwood (OD) Caleb Wiles (BB) Tom Montour (OD) Colin Boucher (BB) Dave DiRuscio (NLM) Mike Burke (SWC)

Team and League Officials[edit]

Year Top Coach Top Official
2012 Jason Crosbie, Jonas Derks, Brad MacArthur (DT) Jon Watson
2013 Glenn Clark (TSS) Wayne Paddick
2014 Jeff Dowling (NLM) Brent Coulombe

Statistical leaders[edit]

Team Season Champions[edit]

Year Team Record GF-GA Points
2012 Durham TurfDogs 9-5 180-176 18
2013 Niagara Lock Monsters 11-3 231-160 22
2014 Ohsweken Demons 7-1 127-97 14


Year Goals Assists Points Penalty Mins
2012 Chris Attwood (OD) - 35 &
Brad Favero (BI) - 35
Kim Squire (PA) - 38 Chris Attwood (OD) - 71 Chancy Johnson (II) - 121
2013 Wayne VanEvery (OD) - 41 Corey Fowler (NLM) - 48 &
Andrew Potter (NLM) - 48
Corey Fowler (NLM) - 80 Brock Boyle (BI) - 70
2014 Chris Attwood (OD) - 27 Chris Attwood (OD) - 27 Chris Attwood (OD) - 54 Tom Montour (OD) - 34 &
Jordan Dance (SWC) - 34


Year Minutes Wins Goals Against Ave Save Percentage
2012 John Chesebrough (OM) - 640:15 Jeff Powless (OD) - 7 Jeff Powless (OD) - 11.52 Ben VanEvery (OD) - 0.793
2013 Jay Preece (BI) - 611:44 Connor Danko (NLM) - 7 Angus Dinely (TSS) - 9.57 Zach Higgins (DT) - 0.813
2014 Jay Preece (SWC) - 366:01 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) - 3 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) - 7.95 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) - 0.865

All-star teams[edit]

First team[edit]

Year Goalie Runners
2012 Jeff Powless (OD) Chris Attwood (OD), Colin Boucher (DT), John McClure (DT), Ryan Campbell (PA), Brad Favero (BI)
2013 Connor Danko (NLM) Ben McCullough (BI), Tom Montour (OD), Mack O'Brien (TSS), Andrew Potter (NLM), Wayne VanEvery (OD)
2014 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) Colin Boucher (BB), Tom Montour (OD), Chris Attwood (OD), Caleb Wiles (BB), Andrew Potter (NLM)

Second team[edit]

Year Goalie Runners
2012 Mike Attwood (II) Brad Levick (OM), Kim Squire (PA), Jon Arnold (BI), Clay Hill (OD), Ben McCullough (BI)
2013 Jay Preece (BI) Colin Boucher (BB), Mitch Dumont (DT), Corey Fowler (NLM), Caleb Wiles (BB), Chris Attwood (II)
2014 Jake Henhawk (OD) Tyler Burton (SWC), Jon Arnold (NLM), Mike Burke (SWC), Mark Farthing (DT), Wayne VanEvery (OD)


Year Goalie Runners
2013 Connor Danko (NLM) Caleb Wiles (BB), Mike Teeter (BB), Dustin Caravello (BI), John St. John (DT), Corey Fowler (NLM)
2014 Dave DiRuscio (NLM) Matt Spanger (SWC), Patrick McCrory (SWC), Mike Burke (SWC), Tim Bergin (NLM), Dylan Goddard (DT)

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