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Canadian Made
Canadian Made by Primitive Entertainment.jpg
Genre Documentary
Canadian Invention
Created by Kevin McMahon
Directed by Jody Shapiro (Creative director)
Produced by Kristina McLaughlin
Written by Annie Bradley, Buffy Childerhose, Ian Ross MacDonald, Michael Morrow, David New, Dylan Reibling, Su Rynard, Sean Wainsteim
Narrated by Rick Miller
Music by Kurt Swinghammer
Country Canada
Language English
Original channel
Release date June 1st, 2012
Original airing June 1, 2012 (2012-06-01)
Running time 30 minutes
No. of episodes 6
Official website

Canadian Made is a Canadian documentary produced by Primitive Entertainment that will air on History Television June 1, 2012.[1] The series is about Canada’s tradition of invention, innovation and discovery.


CANADIAN MADE is a new TV series about Canada’s tradition of invention, innovation and discovery – astonishing in its range and genius, yet unheralded at home and abroad.[2] Each half-hour episode of CANADIAN MADE explores the inspiring historic, scientific and human stories behind three inventions that, together, reflect an aspect of the Canadian character. Delightfully creative in both style and substance, CANADIAN MADE weaves a dizzying array of documentary, animation, skits, recreations and computer graphics into a view of Canada that is amazing, exhilarating and sure to inspire pride. The 14 shows in CANADIAN MADE’s debut season were shot in every part of the country and with some of its most ingenious citizens. The production crew met with the elegant Louise Poirier, who designed the original Wonderbra, and the unstoppable Nestor Burtnyk, who invented computer animation and built the world’s second functioning computer mouse. Marc Garneau, Canada’s first astronaut, describes what it’s like to flex the Canadarm; Ian Hayden, Canada’s best snowmobile racer, tells how it feels to go 190 km/hr on a supercharged sled; and hockey legend Tony Esposito gives the backstory on how goalies fought to protect their mugs. We meet dreamers – like Phil Nuytten, who invented the deep diving Exo-Suit – visionaries – like Mehran Avari, who developed remote-control surgery – artists – like Chris Claremont, who reimagined X-Men comic books -- and saviors – like George Dyson, who prevented the Inuit kayak from disappearing -- and writers -- like Peter Burger, who wrote a biography about Charles Fenerty; a 19th-century Canadian who invented modern paper.[3]


CANADIAN MADE is narrated by voice chameleon Rick Miller (The Mulroney Opera, MacHomer). Miller is an award-winning actor/writer who has performed in five languages on five continents. For three years, Rick hosted ABC’s hit primetime series “Just for Laughs”, and Entertainment Weekly has called him “one of the 100 most creative people alive today.” Rick is the artistic director of WYRD Productions and a frequent collaborator with Robert Lepage on such plays as Géométrie des Miracles, Zulu Time (co-created with Peter Gabriel), Lipsynch and on the film Possible Worlds. He recently starred as Brian Mulroney in the satirical film Mulroney: The Opera and is developing various projects, including a solo documentary play called BOOM![4]

Season One[edit]

A properly-attired lumberjack at work

Episode 1: Clothing Revolutions: The Wonderbra, lumberjack shirt and gas mask (Written and directed by David New)[5]

Episode 2: Time Shifting: Standard Time, Key-frame Animation and the Instant Replay (Written and directed by David New)

Episode 3: Snow Crossings: Snow shoes, snowmobile, snow plows and puck road sensor (Written and directed by Sean Wainsteim)

Episode 4: Space Explorations: the Canadarm, the Dextre robot and LIDAR (Written and directed by David New)

Episode 5: Cultural Revolutions: Superman, electronic music (electronic sackbut) and Trivial pursuit (Written and directed by Sean Wainsteim)

Episode 6: Sweet Treats: Maple syrup, ginger ale and the chocolate bar (Written and directed by Sean Wainsteim)

Episode 7: Game Gear: Lacrosse stick, hockey stick and the goalie mask (Written and directed by Ian Ross MacDonald)

Episode 8: Experimental Vehicles: The JetLev jet pack, Mosquito Ultralight helicopter and Uno dicycle (Written and directed by Buffy Childerhose)

Episode 9: Medical Breakthroughs: The heart pacemaker, Bliss symbolics and discovery of stem cells (Written and directed by Dylan Reibling)

Episode 10: Imperviousness: The quinzhee, Canada Goose parka and the Exo-Suit (Written and directed by Michael Morrow)

Episode 11: Working Watercraft: The kayak, Sawfish harvester and Hibernia oil platform (Written and directed by Su Rynard)

Episode 12: Brilliant Amenities: The Robertson screw, plastic garbage bag and bear-proof trash bin (Written and directed by Annie Bradley)

Episode 13: Foresting: Totem poles, newsprint (Charles Fenerty) and the purpose-built water bomber (Canadair CL-215) (Written and directed by Buffy Childerhose)

Episode 14: Revolutionary Perspectives: Electron microscope, telerobotic surgery, NEPTUNE underwater observatory (Written and directed by Dylan Reibling)

The CANADIAN MADE Production Team[edit]

Created by Kevin McMahon Narrated by Rick Miller Producers: Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon Executive Producer: Michael McMahon Creative Director: Jody Shapiro Episode Writer/Directors: David New, Sean Wainsteim, Ian Ross MacDonald, Buffy Childerhose, Dylan Reibling, Michael Morrow, Su Rynard, Annie Bradley Music by Kurt Swinghammer Visual Effects and Animations by Mark Alberts Executive in Charge Of Production for Shaw Media: Lynne Carter

Primitive Entertainment, Production Company[edit]

Primitive Entertainment is a Canadian documentary film, television and digital media production company. [6]

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