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الجامعة الكندية دبي
Canadian University Dubai
Motto Your portal to Canadian education
Established 2006
President Dr. K. Chelli
Location Al Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nickname CUD

Canadian University Dubai, Also known as CUD for short, is one of the few universities based on Canadian education principles in the United Arab Emirates. Located in the heart of the city on Sheikh Zayed Rd, CUD was founded in 2006. The Canadian University Dubai offers education based on the Canadian curriculum, giving internationally recognized quality and credibility. As a portal to Canadian Higher Education, they offer many unique options for students wishing to study or research in Canada. Programs are offered within 5 different schools, with some programs such as in the School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology leading to future opportunities as researchers within the University. Canadian University Dubai has an Office of Research Services that is networked with the top engineering research centres in Canada.[1] Any program at the Canadian University Dubai requires at least a 60% average, while individuals can apply with 50% and above to be placed on a wait list and possibly offered probationary acceptance.[citation needed]


Canadian University Dubai has five schools within it. While graduate programs are offered separately.

a) School of Architecture and Interior Design

The School of Architecture and Interior Design[2] offers two Bachelor programs, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, and Bachelor of Architecture. Both degrees in this School take approximately 4-5 years, and the first two years of study are the same within the school, allowing students the flexibility of changing between programs should they choose to prior to the commencement of the third year.

b) School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration [3] offers five programs, four of which are four year programs, categorized under the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with differing specialists; Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance and E-Business. An Associates degree in Marketing is also available as a 2 year program. Although CUD does not have B.Com, the School of Business Administration is highly regarded as an equivalent value as of B.Com.

c) School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

The School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology [4] offers two specialist degrees, The first being in Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering, and the second in Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology.

d) School of Environment and Health

The School of Environment and Health [5] offers two major degrees that train individuals to be proactive and capable even prior to their Masters, the degrees available are ; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management and Bachelor of Science in Health Organization Management.

e) School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences [6] offers studies in three different fields, Journalism, Public relations and Advertising, for now however, three degrees, two of which are the same in content but are either achieved in English or Arabic. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree is available in the English or Arabic languages and will possibly be increased in the near future. The third degree is a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Translation.

Canadian University Dubai offers the following graduate programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Information Technology Management and Governance (MITGOV)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Canadian University Dubai MBA program focuses on meeting the current and future needs of business and government leaders in the Gulf region. The dynamic and competitive business environment of the 21st century calls for new management and leadership skills ‒ their MBA will prepare you today, for the challenges of tomorrow.

Master in Information Technology Management and Governance (MITGOV) Since the rapid development in IT platforms and enterprises, organizations are increasingly concerned with how business can benefit from IT services and tools. Canadian University Dubai has identified that the next generation of leaders need to understand and implement the various aspects of IT Management, Governance, and Assurance. This has resulted in the creation of a new Masters program ‒ the first of its kind in the region ‒ that aims to develop professionals with the necessary skills in IT governance and services. The MITGOV program also supports the strategic vision of the Smart City model infrastructure, which is a growing strategic development initiative across the region.

Canadian University Dubai was originally known as Centennial University of Dubai, but was then changed to Canadian University of Dubai, however, it still maintains its ties with the original Ontario based university and offers students transfer programs after their 2nd year.[7]

Official UAE university rankings are not available, however, the most accurate rating is #23 overall for the CUD in the UAE [8]

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