Canadian Women's Suffrage Association

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"CWSA" redirects here. For the sports association, see Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association.
Canadian Women's Suffrage Association
Formation 1877
Type Women's Association
Legal status historic
Purpose advocate and public voice, educator and network
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Region served Canada
Official language English

The Canadian Women's Suffrage Association, originally called the Toronto Women's Literary Guild, was an organization based in Toronto, Canada, that fought for women's rights.

The Toronto Women's Literary Guild was established in 1887 to fight for women's rights and for improved working conditions. Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, Canada's second licensed female physician, was one of the founders. The guild had some success in improving access to higher education for women. It was renamed the Canadian Women's Suffrage Association in 1883.[1] The Toronto-based association worked towards opening up education to women, and allowing women to advance as professionals, particularly as doctors.[2]

After the association had been inactive for a while, the leaders founded the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association in 1889.[2]




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