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For other uses, see Canadiana (disambiguation).

Canadiana is a term referring to things related to the country of Canada. It is most often used to refer to a class of books somewhat wider than Canadian literature because it also includes books about Canada as well as Canadian non-fiction works.

The term is very general for it can include books (non fiction as well as fiction) which do not deal with Canada or Canadians but which were written by Canadians or persons who were Canadians at one point in their life.

It is a categorization often seen in bookstores and in research libraries.

One of the specific mandates of the Library and Archives Canada is to collect, organize and make available Canadiana.

The term can also be used more generally to describe a collection of distinctly Canadian items of artifacts or a collection of Canadian works in another cultural field such as music or art.

The two books by Canadian author Douglas Coupland, Souvenir of Canada and Souvenir of Canada 2, are collections of images of pop-culture Canadiana.

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