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Canal 5 Noticias (C5N)
Launched August 6, 2007
Owned by Cristóbal López
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Country Argentina
Language Spanish (Rioplatense dialect)
Broadcast area Latin America
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina

Canal 5 Noticias ("Channel 5 News", also known as C5N) is an Argentine news cable channel. Has been created by the entrepreneur and journalist Daniel Hadad Sold to the Indalo Group, owned by Cristóbal López. C5N began broadcasting on Monday, August 6, 2007 at 07:00 (10:00 GMT).

Current programming[edit]

Daily Week schedule[edit]

Monday schedule[edit]

Tuesday to Friday schedule[edit]

Monday to Friday schedule[edit]

Monday to Thursday schedule[edit]

Friday schedule[edit]

Weekend schedule[edit]

Saturday schedule[edit]

According Events[edit]
  • Argentina Corre ("Argentina Running")
    • 04:00 pm: Mini ("Mini")
    • 05:00 pm: Carrera ("Race")
    • 06:30 pm: Premios ("Prizes")
    • 07:30 pm: Desfile ("Parade")
    • 09:00 pm: Recital ("Recital")

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