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Señal Institucional is a Colombian state-run national television channel launched 2 February 2004.

It broadcasts programmes produced by state institutions in order to promote and publicize their activities to the public. It also broadcasts sessions of the Congress, president Álvaro Uribe's weekly "communitarian councils" (consejos comunales) on Saturdays, and re-runs of historical drama series.

It was originally named Canal Institucional. It adopted the Señal Institucional name between 2004 and 2009, switching back to its former name until 2013, when it became again Señal Institucional as part of the rebranding of Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia, the public broadcaster, as Señal Colombia Sistema de Medios Públicos, whose television channels and radio networks all use since then the "Señal" moniker.

Señal Institucional replaced Canal A, a state-owned privately run national television network born 1972 (as Segunda Cadena; the Canal A brand was used from 1992).

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