Canal de Pont-de-Vaux

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Canal de Pont-de-Vaux
Canal length: 3 km (1.9 mi) [1]
Status: Open
Original owner: Louis Auguste Bertin [2]
Present owner: VNF[2]
Principal Engineer(s): Leonard Knife [2]
Construction began: 1783 [2]
Date restored: 1993 [1]
Direction: East/West
Beginning coordinates: 46°25′59″N 4°56′08″E / 46.43311°N 4.93546°E / 46.43311; 4.93546
Ending coordinates: 46°26′49″N 4°53′56″E / 46.44705°N 4.89902°E / 46.44705; 4.89902
Connects to: Saone

The Canal de Pont-de-Vaux is a canal in eastern France connecting the Saone at Fleurville to Pont-de-Vaux. It was closed for many years and reopened in 1993. It runs parallel to the Reyssouze River. [1]

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