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For the village in Azerbaijan, see Canalı.
Industry Tailors
Founded Italy 1934
Founder The Canali family
Headquarters Sovico, Italy[1]
Key people
Paolo Canali (Sales & Marketing Director)[2] [3]
Andrea Pompilio (Creative Consultant)[4]
Elisabetta Canali (Global Communication Director)[1][5]
Products Luxury Men's Clothing
Number of employees

Canali is a clothing company based in Italy specializing in luxury men's clothing.[1][4][6]


A shop of Canali at IFC Mall, Hong Kong

In 1934,[1] Canali was founded, by Giacomo Canali[7] and Giovanni Canali,[8] in Italy as a family-run business.[9]

In the 1950s, the ownership of Canali passes on to the second generation of the family. They strengthen the house’s presence in a burgeoning Italian fashion market, which is beginning to make waves internationally.[citation needed]

In the 1970s, Canali was the first Italian tailor to introduce mechanised cutting machines.[8]

According to, in the 1990's, following the successful launch of the accessories collections, Canali consolidates its achievements by opening its first flagship boutique in Milan.[citation needed]

In 2010, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera was a spokesmodel for a Canali advertisement campaign.[10]

As of June 2013, led by the third generation of the family, Canali employs 1,700 people in seven factories in Italy, where it makes about 250,000 individual pieces of clothing annually.[11]

In 2012 87.5% of the total production is exported.[3] 1,400 suits are manufactured daily, with 1,600 pairs of trousers made daily.[citation needed]



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