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Canberra Cavalry
Most recent season:
2014–15 Australian Baseball League season
Canberra cavalry.png
Team Details
League Australian Baseball League
City Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Ballpark Narrabundah Ballpark
Year founded 2010
Inaugural season 2010–11
Asia Series Championships 1 (2013)
ABL Championships 1 (2012–13)
Finals appearances 2 (2013-14)
Canberra Cavalry's home and away uniforms.
Colours      Orange
Manager Australia Michael Collins
Owner ABL
General Manager

Current - Australia Donn McMichael[1]
2012-2014: United States Thom Carter [2]
2012-13: Co-GM with Peter Bishell and Thom Carter
2011-2013 Australia Peter Bishell [3]

2010-11 Australia Tony Fraser [4]
Assistant GM

2013-14 Anthony Cangelosi

2011-12: Thom Carter[5]
2010-11: Megan Salic[6]

The Canberra Cavalry is a professional baseball team in the Australian Baseball League. The team was runner-up in the 2013-14 League.

In the 2012–13 season, the Cavalry won the Claxton Shield, having defeated the Perth Heat in the Championship Series in Canberra over 8/9 February 2013.[7] In November 2013, the Cavalry won the 2013 Asia Series resoundingly (14-4),[8] becoming the first non- Japanese or Korean side to do so.

The team is based in the Capital city of Canberra, Australia at the home ground, Narrabundah Ballpark.

Originally to be called the Colts, the team faced legal issues with the ACT Brumbies[9] that uses the same name for a local Rugby Union team.

On 8 September 2010 former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher and Lakewood BlueClaws pitching coach, Steve Schrenk, was announced head coach.[10]

For 2012-13, former Cavalry player, Michael Collins was the coach.

The current major sponsor for the 2014-15 season is Canberra Elite Cabs.[11]


Canberra Cavalry baseball team, with the Championship Claxton Shield for 2012-13.
2013 Asia Series champions banner

2010–11 Australian Baseball League season[edit]

    • 6th place (of 6); 12-24 record,[12] winning 11-9 at home but 1-15 away.

2011–12 Australian Baseball League season[edit]

    • 6th of 6: W 20, L 25

2012–13 Australian Baseball League season[edit]

    • Top of the stats by Christmas, then pulled away with significant wins against Perth Heat in away then home rounds in early January 2013.
    • Minor Premiership winners.
    • Premiership winners (Claxton Shield).
      • During the 2012-13 season, fan action caused the team to change the shirt number of a player. Marcus Knecht was wearing 51 but fans pointed out that he should have the number 4, in allusion to the game Connect Four; and, this became his catch-cry.

2013 Championship Series[edit]

Game 1[edit]
Cavalry win 6-4 over Perth. Cavalry pitch invasion after win, 2013 first Championship gane.

Score: Canberra Cavalry wins 6-4 over Perth Heat[7]

Game 2[edit]

Score: Canberra Cavalry wins 7-6. Takes Championship and Claxton Shield.[7]

Canberra Cavalry mascot, "Sarge".
Cavalry dugout with bullpen beyond. Entry concourse behind, then first stand. Pitch-side seating in foreground.

2013 Asia Series - Champions[edit]

  • Cavalry won its first game against the CPBL Rhinos (2-0).
  • NPB Golden Eagles lost the second game (6-3).
  • Cavalry won the third game against the KBO Lions (9-5).
  • Cavalry advanced to the final, and played the U-Pres Lions, winning 14-4, to be Asia Series champions.[8]
    • The Cavalry was the 'home' side, on a coin toss. After being 2-0 up in the first inning, the Lions replied to be 4-2 up. The Cavalry replied in the fourth inning to be 4-3 down. In the seventh inning, Cavalry scored 5 runs, to be up 8-4. In the eighth inning, Jack Murphy scored a homer with loaded bases to make the score 14-4. The Cavalry's Toler pitched out the Lions to end the game.[8]

2013–14 Australian Baseball League season[edit]

2nd place out of 6. W:22, L:24. Cavalry defeated the Sydney Blue Sox in the Preliminary Final, held in Sydney, before losing to Perth Heat in the Final series.

2014–15 Australian Baseball League season[edit]

This is the current season. As December 2014 drew to a close, the Cavalry was equal second on the ABL standings.

Current Roster[edit]

Canberra Cavalry roster - 2014–15 ABL
Active roster Coaching staff

Right-handed pitchers

Left-handed pitchers






Correct as of 12 January 2015 version of ABL website.

2013–14 Roster[edit]

Canberra Cavalry roster - 2013–14 ABL
Active roster Coaching staff

Right-handed pitchers

Left-handed pitchers






Correct as of 21 November 2013 version of ABL website.


Narrabundah Ballpark, November 2014

Narrabundah Ballpark


Canberra Cavalry mascot, Sarge, geeing up the crowd at Narrabundah Ballpark.

The Canberra Cavalry team mascot is a Yosemite Sam-type character named 'Sarge', with an Australian slouch hat, Cavalry-orange shirt, Auscam pants and brown Army boots. The team song, played after winning games, is "I Wanna Be in the Cavalry" by Corb Lund.


Sarge's 2014 car. Canberra Cavalry

Sarge got a 'quad' car for the 2014-15 season.

MLB players[edit]

Players with the Cavalry who have played in the USA's Major League Baseball (MLB) teams include:

Community work[edit]

Matt Napier of The Global Poverty Walk at the Canberra Cavalry baseball game before starting on his walk.

In the 2012-13 season, the degree of community work and outreach was markedly up on previous seasons, with game-day shirts for sale to assist community organisations for most days of home seasons. This began with Legacy Australia that supports family members of service people, and included the Canberra Hospital Trust, the Heart Foundation, Red Cross ACT, and The Global Poverty Walk's Matt Napier.


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