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Cancor was a Frankish count, possibly of Hesbaye.

In 764 he founded Lorsch Abbey together with his widowed mother Williswinda as a proprietary church and monastery on their estate, Laurissa (Lorsch). They entrusted its government to Cancor's cousin Chrodegang, Archbishop of Metz, son of Cancor's aunt Landrada. Chrodegang dedicated the church and monastery to Saint Peter and became its first abbot. The founders enriched the new abbey later by further donations.

In 766 Chrodegang resigned the office of abbot owing to his other important duties as Archbishop of Metz. He then sent his brother Gundeland, another nephew of Cancor, to Lorsch as his successor.

Cancor is probably related to the Robertians. His father's name may have been Rodbert, and Robert may have been his brother.


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