Candelaria Caves

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Candelaria Caves
Location Chisec, Raxruha (Guatemala)
Coordinates 15°56′N 90°20′W / 15.933°N 90.333°W / 15.933; -90.333Coordinates: 15°56′N 90°20′W / 15.933°N 90.333°W / 15.933; -90.333
Length c. 80,000 metres (260,000 ft)
Discovery Local Maya people
Geology Karst
Entrances multiple

The Candelaria caves is the name of a large natural cave system in the municipalities of Chisec and Raxruha in Guatemala. The main gallery has a length of 22 km, of which 12.5 km follows the underground passage of the Candelaria River.[1] The total length of the cave system, including coulisses, secondary and upper passages, is estimated to be 80 km.[2] Although Daniel Dreux, a French citizen, claims to have "discovered" the caves in 1974, he was actually the first known person to explore the cave using spelunking equipment. He was hosted and guided by Q'eqchi' Mayas from local communities who were well aware of the caves' existence.


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