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Candice Ann Rialson (December 18, 1951 - March 31, 2006), also known as Candy Rialson, was an American actress best known for her starring role in Hollywood Boulevard (1976).


Rialson was born in Santa Monica, California, won Miss Hermosa Beach aged 18 and worked as a go-go dancer.

She worked in television and found herself appearing in a series of exploitation films, working her way up to the leads in a series of "three girls" movie for New World Pictures, Candy Stripe Nurses, Summer School Teachers and Hollywood Boulevard. She also had a small role in The Eiger Sanction. Rialson found herself typecast as a sex kitten, and had difficulty obtaining new roles, although she did work sporadically on television.

Her last leading role was in Chatterbox and her final film was the 1978 political thriller Winter Kills. According to one obituary, "although never reluctant to take her clothes off, Rialson was always more "cutie" than sleazy, but she became so notorious for her B-movie work that mainstream directors hesitated to hire her".[1]

She retired from acting to become a wife and mother and died of liver disease on March 31, 2006.[1]


Quentin Tarantino claimed Rialson was the inspiration for Bridget Fonda's character in 1997's Jackie Brown.[1]



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