Candle in the Wind (play)

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Candle in the Wind
Written by Maxwell Anderson
Date premiered October 22, 1941
Place premiered Shubert Theatre
New York City, New York
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting France

Candle in the Wind was a 1941 Broadway three act drama written by Maxwell Anderson, produced by The Theatre Guild and the Playwrights' Company and directed by Alfred Lunt. Jo Mielziner created the scenic and lighting design. It ran for 95 performances from October 22, 1941 to January 10, 1942 at the Shubert Theatre. It was included in Burns Mantle's The Best Plays of 1941-1942.


  • Helen Hayes as Madeline Guest
  • Lotte Lenya as Cissie
  • Leona Roberts as Charlotte
  • Tonio Selwart as Lt. Schoen
  • Evelyn Varden as Maisie Tompkins
  • John Wengraf as Col. Erfurt
  • Joseph Wiseman as Corporal Mueller
  • Louis Borel as Raoul St. Cloud
  • Philip White as Fargeau
  • Stanley Jessup as M. Fleury
  • Michelette Burani as Madame Fleury
  • Brian Connaught as first guard
  • Ferdi Hoffman second guard
  • George Andre as third guard
  • Guy Moneypenny as fourth guard
  • Bruce Fernald as Captain
  • Mario Gang as Corporal Behrens
  • Nell Harrison as Mercy
  • Robert Harrison as Deseze
  • Knud Kreuger as German Lt.
  • Benedict MacQuarrie as Henri
  • William Malten as Corporal Schultz
  • Harro Meller as German Captain


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