Candy Cabs

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Candy Cabs
Written by Johanne McAndrew
Elliott Hope
Directed by Minkie Spiro
Starring Jo Joyner
Lisa Millett
Paul Nicholls
Melanie Hill
Claire Sweeney
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1 (Series 2 to begin October 2014)
No. of episodes 3
Location(s) Lymm in Cheshire
West Kirby
Running time 60 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Splash Media
Original channel BBC One
Original release 5 April 2011 – Present
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Candy Cabs is a comedy drama series shown on BBC One in April 2011. The plot revolves around a group of friends who set up a female-only taxi company in a seaside town in Northern England. It is written by Johanne McAndrew and Elliott Hope and produced by Splash Media.[1] Although axed immediately after the first series aired,[2] the series was revived, with the second series filming in October 2013.[citation needed] A broadcast date for the second series is still unknown.


Claire Sweeney, Jodie Prenger, Jo Joyner, Lisa Millett and Melanie Hill play the group of friends with Denis Lawson playing the part of a competitor who schemes against the taxi company set up by the group of friends. Other characters are played by Lu Corfield, Paul Nicholls, John Henshaw, Paul Kaye, Tom Goodman-Hill, Daniel Ryan, Jamie Davis and Ricky Whittle.

All cast from the first series will return without Claire Sweeney due to her character moving off to Spain.[citation needed] Sweeney's in current talks for a reprising her role as a guest star. New additional cast are yet to be announced.


Series One[edit]

Episode One opens with the funeral of 'Shazza', friend of Jackie (Jo Joyner) and Elaine (Lisa Millet). Before Shazza's death, the trio had been planning to start up their all female taxi firm and, determined by their friend's death, the pair decide to continue. The next day, Elaine is seen in a car company office alone awaiting for Jackie to arrive. Behind her the six brightly coloured pink cabs arrive on the back of a truck and the female cab drivers are seen getting very over-excited about it. Jackie, meanwhile, is confronting her ex-husband after the discovery that he is already dating another woman who she nicknames Mrs. Doubtfire. As Jackie finally arrives, she signs the deeds for the cars and a montage of the cars driving through the sea-side village takes place.
Back at the taxi firm, Elaine starts freaking out. It becomes apparent to start up the cab company, Elaine re-mortgaged her house - without telling her husband. Jackie takes her friend into a back room away from the other girls and it takes a lot of calm words and her 'trusty five fingered friend'[1] which is basically a yellow washing up glove that Elaine uses to breathe into much like others may use a paper bag. The girls are then told by Tony (Paul Nicholls) to be a formal cab company, that they must attend a driving exam.

Episode two opens as business picking up following Jackie and Elaine's television appearance and they're thrilled when footballer Eddie Shannon books Candy Cabs to provide the transport for his high-profile wedding at the local stadium. The dastardly Dennis slyly tries to wangle his way back into Witney's good books when she's left out of the wedding excitement. Meanwhile, over at Kenny Ho's rival cab firm, the male drivers are up in arms, threatened by the female competition. The plotting against Jackie and Elaine gathers pace when the troublemakers start causing mischief among South Hadley's movers and shakers. Things come to a head when Kenny turns up at Elaine's house with an extraordinary offer. Later, wedding madness ensues when bride-to-be Kendra goes missing following the hen night. Candy Cabs find themselves at the centre of a wedding attended by 10,000 football supporters which looks set to become a PR disaster. Elsewhere, Dave's sister Diane is on the warpath after being sacked as a driver, while Alex's infatuation with his sister-in-law, Elaine, crosses the line. Despite all the mayhem, Jackie's romance with Tony is blossoming - until Sally Ann makes a disturbing discovery. There also seems to be a story behind the unexpected package that lands on Tony's doorstep.

Episode three opens Jackie and Elaine go on a spying mission and are shocked when they discover Tony's little secret. There's no time to dwell on what they've found, however, as they head to an employment tribunal where they face a charge of discrimination against men. Though they have no proof, they suspect that rival cabbie operator, Kenny Ho, is behind the accusations - which could spell the end for the all-girl Candy Cabs. Still desperately trying to drum up business, they think they've hit upon a winner when they get a trial run with Girls On The Go, an all-female Seniors' Club. However, in true Candy fashion, nothing goes to plan when an outing to a garden centre with the feisty old ladies lands them in some very deep water. Meanwhile, Elaine begs Jackie to keep Tony onside until the dreaded discrimination tribunal but, still in bits over what she's discovered, Jackie can't stop herself confronting him. To add to their worries, Witney tells them she's about to go to Spain with her dad, leaving them to question whether Dennis has finally decided to become a decent father - or whether he has more dastardly plans up his sleeve. On the day of the tribunal, Jackie decides that desperate times call for desperate measures - much to Elaine's horror. Kenny also has a few surprises of his own.

Series Two[edit]

Episode one opens as the series continues six months after the final episode of series one in which the girls focusing on a new direction in their careers and the office. Jackie (Jo Joyner) returns from a six month break with Elaine (Lisa Millet) where they have brought back two Latino guys back with them. The series focuses on new chapters in the girls' lives including families from their past bring a new dynamic era to the street. Claire Sweeney's character will not return due to filming commitments. The character will stay in Spain. In February 2015 it was revealed that a second series is to be considered for 2016.


The first series consists of three episodes with the first episode broadcast on 5 April 2011.

Title Written by Original air date Viewers
1 "Episode One" Johanne McAndrew & Elliott Hope 5 April 2011 (2011-04-05) 6.17 [3]
2 "Episode Two" Johanne McAndrew & Elliott Hope 12 April 2011 (2011-04-12) 4.3
3 "Episode Three" Johanne McAndrew & Elliott Hope 19 April 2011 (2011-04-19) 3.6

A Second series is currently in filming progress with Jo Joyner returning as lead.

Axe & Revival[edit]

In June 2011 the BBC reported that they had decided not to commission Candy Cabs for a second series. The three-part comedy drama, written by Elliott Hope and Johanne McAndrew, aired in April on BBC One. Although it launched well with 6.7 million viewers the following two episodes saw big drops in rating levels. It received generally poor reviews from critics, with many complaining that the series appeared to be plagiarised from the 1963 British Carry On film Carry On Cabby.[4][5][6]

Nothing has come about of the series however in April 2013 it was announced by the BBC and Jo Joyner that a second series is likely to happen in 2014. As of November 2014, no further information on broadcast dates were available. In February 2015 it was revealed that a second series is to be considered for 2016.

DVD Release[edit]

The series remains unreleased on DVD.


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