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Candy Chang
Chinese name 張慧雯
Pinyin Zhāng HuìWén (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jeung1 Wai6 Man4 (Cantonese)
Origin Beijing
Born (1989-11-10) 10 November 1989 (age 24)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 2010–present
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chang.

Candy Chang (Chinese: 張慧雯), born in November 10, 1989 in Hong Kong, won Miss Chinese Toronto in 2009,[1] and Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 second runner-up.[2] She is currently a TVB actress. Due to her cheerful and outgoing personality, and the fact that she is multilingual,[3] she was first assigned to host several programs. She recently premiered on the popular TVB drama "The Hippocratic Crush" (On Call 36小時) acting the role of Kan Ching Ching 簡晶晶.[4] Her role in The Hippocratic Crush was her first role and was critically acclaimed and she was seen by viewers to be a promising young actress and newcomer. She was nominated for Astro on Demand Awards for My Favourite Screen Couple with Nathan Ngai.


Promotional Events[edit]

Chang is a non-smoker and promoted World No-Tobacco Day.[5]


Candy Chang aspires to be an outstanding actress. She can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese,[6] and has studied French. Her mother is from Shanghai and Chang learned Japanese from her sister due to language similarities. As an actress, she feels that the scripts are rather difficult to read, partially because of her time overseas.She attended Unionville High School. She has a 3rd year university education majoring in Graphic Design and Visual Arts(from the OCAD University). Before joining the Miss Chinese International Pageant, her ambition was to be talented in the arts field. She has several hobbies/talents such as: singing, reading, drawing, swimming, web designing, graphic design, travelling, dancing and playing piano.

She immigrated to Canada at age 7, currently she lives with her father. Her mother,elder brother, and elder sister are in Canada. She did some life-guarding in the past, and she claims it helped her with her role in The Hippocratic Crush. She made an appearance in The Voice: Celebrity Edition, her coach was her father who won an award in the same competition Leslie Cheung competed in. Her father is a senior voice actor.[7]


Drug Scandal[edit]

The drug scandal was a serious incident which required several months of investigation, which included blood testing. On 26 November 2012, Chang was arrested on drug-related charges.[8] She was a passenger and fell asleep in a vehicle containing marijuana. The vehicle had been speeding at a dangerous rate that was over the speed limit and was stopped by the police.[9]

The driver passed the breathalyzer test.[10] The driver was then tested for drugs, but the police identified drug influence after observing him.[11] The police found drugs in the driver's compartment.[12] The police then arrested the driver and all the passengers in the vehicle. The driver was charged with drug possession as well as driving under the influence. Chang's friend who recommended the driver was also a passenger in the vehicle. Chang posted a message on her Weibo to her friends that they pray for her. She was upset that the media made false rumors about her relationship with the driver. She stressed that she felt she had very bad luck. She deleted the message soon after it was posted.

Chang was distraught over the incident and was comforted by TVB executive Virginia Lok. Virginia Lok then had a consultation with Chang's father about the incident[13] Virginia Lok and The Hippocratic Crush co-star Nathan Ngai as well as other colleagues supported her saying that she is a good girl, very hard working, the type of person that will go home each evening.[14][15]

She reported to the police station and court regularly during the investigation and her father accompanied her. She was later found to be innocent after an investigation that lasted many months. There was no evidence that she was involved in the crime.[16] The driver was charged for drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs. The driver also had previous records of similar charges and car thefts.

After the incident, she was relieved that it was over.[17] Despite rumors, the scandal has not impacted her career much other than having to be replaced in Karma Rider (師父·明白了). This was due to predicted scheduling conflicts by Virginia Lok.


She was spotted with businessman 黃志榮, in late 2011.[18] The media assumed and made rumors that due to his wealthy background,that she had been having rich dinners and was the third-party due to the fact that he was married. She stated that a lot of her friends have gotten married and that he is a god-brother and was invited to celebrate her birthday (November 10) and many of her friends had been invited and not for rich dinners, but to talk about feelings. She had been feeling upset around that time. She explained she has a boyfriend that is not in the industry. There were rumours by the media about her being rewarded by him with a trip to Europe. She replied that her family is well off (financially) and her family can take her to Europe and had gone the previous year. Later, the media asked her colleague and co-host of Japanese food show 《勁食日本一》 (which aired in January 2012) Lily Ho to comment on the scandal. Ho responded that she and Chang had become good friends after hosting and she feels that Chang is a good person. Ho stated that if Chang is seen with a businessman, then she believes they are both just friends. The media then noted Ho's own background, as Ho's father is also a businessman.

Pageant career[edit]

She won the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2009 and being the Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity. In November 2010, she represented Toronto to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 and was a huge favorite due to her having one of the best body figures (perfect proportions of 35"-23"-35") and was said by viewers to have the facial beauty resemblance to the previous winner Christine Kuo and Miss Hong Kong 2006 Aimee Chan and was a top 5 favorite from the official poll[19] and was crowned second runner-up by one of the judges 黃士心. She later signed with TVB.

Pageant Recognition[edit]


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