Cangshan (Yunnan)

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Ancient Dali as seen from Cangshan, near the chairlift station.
Along the southern route of the Jade-Cloud Road.
One of many waterfalls on the eastern slopes of the mountain.

Cangshan (simplified Chinese: 苍山; traditional Chinese: 蒼山; pinyin: Cángshān) is a mountain range immediately west of Dali City in Yunnan province of Southwest China.

The highest summit, Malong, is 4,122 m, but the mountain includes another 18 peaks all over 3,500 m altitude.[1] The mountain is noted for its very rich, diverse flora, first scientifically documented by Pierre Jean Marie Delavay in 1882.[2]

In 1991, construction began on a paved walkway running north and south from the top chairlift station near ancient Dali. This walkway passes several waterfalls, and overlooks lake Erhai and the ancient city itself. This walkway is named "Jade-Cloud Road" after the cloud formations that appear over the Cangshan peaks. Construction was completed in 1992[3] and in 2004 a new project was launched to widen the road and increase its length. At the Dali Town chairlift station on the mountainside is a temple complex as well as a small travellers' inn. A second chairlift was completed in 2012 which takes visitors to just below the summit of the Cangshan range. Pathways from the summit chairlift station allow visitors to walk to the peak and also to visit the TV and radio relay station that is situated on top of the ridge.


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Coordinates: 26°00′00″N 99°49′48″E / 26.00000°N 99.83000°E / 26.00000; 99.83000