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The Canning Basin is a geological basin located in Western Australia.

The Basin covers approximately (506,000 km²) of which approximately (430,000 km²) is on land.[1]

It has been recognised as having prospective oil and gas capacity [2] and has been studied extensively:[3][4] - and at June 2003 - 250 wells have been drilled and 78,000 km of seismic shot.[1]

The basin is also a distinct physiographic province of the larger West Australian Shield division.

It has a number of sub basins - the Fitzroy Trough-Gregory Sub-basin complex, the Willara Sub-basin, and the Kidson Sub-basin complex.[1]

The Canning Basin is home to a Devonian fossil reef complex that stretches 350 km across the northern edge of the basin. The fossil reef is very well preserved and is cut by several modern canyons, including Geikie Gorge and Windjana Gorge.[5]


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