Cannon to a Whisper

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Cannon to a Whisper
Studio album by Breaking Pangaea
Released 11 December 2001
Genre Indie rock
Label Undecided Records
Breaking Pangaea chronology
Take Apart the Words
Cannon to a Whisper

Cannon to a Whisper is the second release and the only full-length album by Philadelphia emo/indie rock band Breaking Pangaea. It was released in 2001 on Undecided Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. “Sick Day”—5:41
  2. “Wedding Dress”—3:26
  3. “Suspended”—5:04
  4. “Skylight”—4:17
  5. “For a Word”—2:09
  6. “The New Sound”—2:59
  7. “...And Still They Hated It”—5:09
  8. “Part”—2:00
  9. “Walrus”—4:46
  10. “Turning”—11:36



  • The chorus of the song “Wedding Dress” was later re-used as the chorus of “My Blue Heaven,” by Fred Mascherino’s next band, Taking Back Sunday, on their album Louder Now.
  • “Turning” was included in AP Magazine’s list of the 10 greatest songs longer than 10 minutes.