Canoeing at the 1960 Summer Olympics

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Canoeing at the
1960 Summer Olympics
Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg
C-1 1000 m men
C-2 1000 m men
K-1 500 m women
K-1 1000 m men
K-1 4×500 m men
K-2 500 m women
K-2 1000 m men

At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, seven events in sprint canoe racing were contested at Lake Albano. Four changes were done to the program. First, the 10000 metre events that were raced from 1936 to 1956 were permanently dropped from the Olympic program, leaving all races at the 500 metre and 1000 metre distances. Second, the women's K-2 500 m event was added to the program, as was a men's K-1 4 × 500 m relay event (though for these games). Third, event timing in 1/100ths of a second at these games. Fourth, a repechage system was introduced that was used to the 1996 games in Atlanta at Lake Lanier.

Medal summary[edit]

Men's events[edit]

Men's K-2 1000 metres medalist at the 1960 Summer Olympics. 1st: Sweden with Gert Fredriksson and Sven-Olov Sjödelius. 2nd: Hungary with András Szente and György Mészáros. 3rd: Poland with Stefan Kapłaniak and Władysław Zieliński.
Event Gold Silver Bronze
C-1 1000 metres
 János Parti (HUN)  Aleksandr Silayev (URS)  Leon Rotman (ROU)
C-2 1000 metres
 Leonid Geishtor
and Sergei Makarenko (URS)
 Aldo Dezi
and Francesco La Macchia (ITA)
 Imre Farkas
and András Törő (HUN)
K-1 1000 metres
 Erik Hansen (DEN)  Imre Szöllösi (HUN)  Gert Fredriksson (SWE)
K-1 4 × 500 meter relay
 Germany (EUA)
Dieter Krause
Günther Perleberg
Paul Lange
Friedhelm Wentzke
 Hungary (HUN)
Imre Szöllösi
Imre Kemeczei
András Szente
György Mészáros
 Denmark (DEN)
Erik Hansen
Helmuth Nyborg
Arne Høyer
Erling Jessen
K-2 1000 metres
 Gert Fredriksson
and Sven-Olov Sjödelius (SWE)
 György Mészáros
and András Szente (HUN)
 Stefan Kapłaniak
and Władysław Zieliński (POL)

Women's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
K-1 500 metres
 Antonina Seredina (URS)  Therese Zenz (EUA)  Daniela Walkowiak (POL)
K-2 500 metres
 Mariya Shubina
and Antonina Seredina (URS)
 Therese Zenz
and Ingrid Hartmann (EUA)
 Klára Fried-Bánfalvi
and Vilma Egresi (HUN)

Medal table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union (URS) 3 1 0 4
2  Hungary (HUN) 1 3 2 6
3  Germany (EUA) 1 2 0 3
4  Denmark (DEN) 1 0 1 2
 Sweden (SWE) 1 0 1 2
6  Italy (ITA) 0 1 0 1
7  Poland (POL) 0 0 2 2
8  Romania (ROU) 0 0 1 1