Canoeing at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's C-1 1000 metres

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Canoeing at the
1984 Summer Olympics
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The men's C-1 1000 metres event was an open-style, individual canoeing event conducted as part of the Canoeing at the 1984 Summer Olympics program.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Ulrich Eicke
West Germany (FRG)
 Larry Cain
Canada (CAN)
 Henning Lynge Jakobsen
Denmark (DEN)



Eleven competitors were entered with one disqualification. Held on August 7, the top three finishers in each heat moved on to the final with the others relegated to the semifinal.

Heat 1
1.  Ulrich Eicke (FRG) 4:10.10 QF
2.  Larry Cain (CAN) 4:20.10 QF
3.  Timo Grönlund (FIN) 4:20.39 QF
4.  Stephen Train (GBR) 4:21.71 QS
5.  Francisco López (ESP) 4:34.94 QS
-  Philippe Renaud (FRA) DISQ
Heat 2
1.  Henning Lynge Jakobsen (DEN) 4:14.59 QF
2.  Costicǎ Olaru (ROU) 4:15.36 QF
3.  Bruce Merritt (USA) 4:22.59 QF
4.  Kiyoto Inoue (JPN) 4:28.05 QS
5.  Göran Backlund (SWE) 4:28.31 QS

Renaud's reason for disqualification was not disclosed in the official report.


Taking place on August 9, the top three finishers in the semifinal advanced to the final.

1.  Stephen Train (GBR) 4:23.15 QF
2.  Kiyoto Inoue (JPN) 4:23.73 QF
3.  Francisco López (ESP) 4:29.50 QF
4.  Göran Backlund (SWE) 4:31.04


The final took place on August 11.

Gold  Ulrich Eicke (FRG) 4:06.32
Silver  Larry Cain (CAN) 4:08.67
Bronze  Henning Lynge Jakobsen (DEN) 4:09.51
4.  Timo Grönlund (FIN) 4:15.58
5.  Costicǎ Olaru (ROU) 4:16.39
6.  Stephen Train (GBR) 4:16.64
7.  Bruce Merritt (USA) 4:18.17
8.  Kiyoto Inoue (JPN) 4:18.72
9.  Francisco López (ESP) 4:23.92