Canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's K-2 500 metres

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Canoeing at the
2004 Summer Olympics
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K-2 1000 m men
K-4 500 m women
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These are the results of the men's K-2 500 metres competition in canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-man canoe sprint kayaks.


Gold  Ronald Rauhe and Tim Wieskötter
Germany (GER)
Silver  Clint Robinson and Nathan Baggaley
Australia (AUS)
Bronze  Raman Piatrushenka and Vadzim Makhneu
Belarus (BLR)


The 19 teams first raced in three heats. The top finisher in each heat moved directly to the final, and all other teams advanced to the semifinals. No teams were eliminated in the heats. The heats were raced on August 24.

Heat 1
1.  Ronald Rauhe and Tim Wieskötter (GER) 1:28.866 QF
2.  Zoltán Kammerer and Botond Storcz (HUN) 1:31.166 QS
3.  Damian Vindel and Francisco Llera (ESP) 1:32.846 QS
4.  Yordan Yordanov and Ivan Hristov (BUL) 1:33.222 QS
5.  Lasse Nielsen and Mads Kongsgaard Madsen (DEN) 1:33.938 QS
6.  Marian Baban and Stefan Vasile (ROU) 1:34.410 QS
7.  Aleksey Babadjanov and Sergey Borzov (UZB) 1:34.782 QS
Heat 2
1.  Raman Piatrushenka and Vadzim Makhneu (BLR) 1:28.925 QF
2.  Markus Oscarsson and Henrik Nilsson (SWE) 1:29.717 QS
3.  Anatoli Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin (RUS) 1:30.761 QS
4.  Clint Robinson and Nathan Baggaley (AUS) 1:30.869 QS
5.  Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA) 1:33.565 QS
6.  Yin Yijun and Wang Lei (CHN) 1:37.061 QS
Heat 3
1.  Marek Twardowski and Adam Wysocki (POL) 1:29.069 QF
2.  Alvydas Duonėla and Egidijus Balčiūnas (LTU) 1:30.521 QS
3.  Ognjen Filipović and Dragan Zorić (SCG) 1:30.665 QS
4.  Bartosz Wolski and Rami Zur (USA) 1:31.893 QS
5.  Steven Jorens and Richard Dober (CAN) 1:31.985 QS
6.  Sebastian Cuattrin and Sebastian Szubski (BRA) 1:35.917 QS


The top three finishers in each of the two semifinal races qualified for the final. Fourth place and higher teams were eliminated. The semifinals were raced on August 26.

Semifinal 1
1.  Zoltán Kammerer and Botond Storcz (HUN) 1:30.438 QF
2.  Anatoli Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin (RUS) 1:31.786 QF
3.  Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA) 1:31.830 QF
4.  Ognjen Filipović and Dragan Zorić (SCG) 1:32.150
5.  Yordan Yordanov and Ivan Hristov (BUL) 1:33.182
6.  Bartosz Wolski and Rami Zur (USA) 1:33.482
7.  Marian Baban and Stefan Vasile (ROU) 1:34.398
8.  Sebastian Cuattrin and Sebastian Szubski (BRA) 1:37.466
Semifinal 2
1.  Alvydas Duonėla and Egidijus Balčiūnas (LTU) 1:30.270 QF
2.  Clint Robinson and Nathan Baggaley (AUS) 1:30.710 QF
3.  Damian Vindel and Francisco Llera (ESP) 1:30.998 QF
4.  Markus Oscarsson and Henrik Nilsson (SWE) 1:31.030
5.  Lasse Nielsen and Mads Kongsgaard Madsen (DEN) 1:33.482
6.  Aleksey Babadjanov and Sergey Borzov (UZB) 1:33.654
7.  Steven Jorens and Richard Dober (CAN) 1:34.318
8.  Yin Yijun and Wang Lei (CHN) 1:38.554


The final was raced on August 28.

Gold  Ronald Rauhe and Tim Wieskötter (GER) 1:27.040
Silver  Clint Robinson and Nathan Baggaley (AUS) 1:27.920
Bronze  Raman Piatrushenka and Vadzim Makhneu (BLR) 1:27.996
4.  Marek Twardowski and Adam Wysocki (POL) 1:28.048
5.  Zoltán Kammerer and Botond Storcz (HUN) 1:29.096
6.  Damian Vindel and Francisco Llera (ESP) 1:29.532
7.  Alvydas Duonėla and Egidijus Balčiūnas (LTU) 1:29.868
8.  Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA) 1:30.804
9.  Anatoli Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin (RUS) 1:31.048