Canon Ōita Factory

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Canon Ōita Factory
Canon wordmark.svg
Built 1982 (1982)
Location Ōita, Japan
Coordinate 33°28′19.59″N 131°43′33.78″E / 33.4721083°N 131.7260500°E / 33.4721083; 131.7260500Coordinates: 33°28′19.59″N 131°43′33.78″E / 33.4721083°N 131.7260500°E / 33.4721083; 131.7260500
Industry Optical/Photographic
Products Compact Cameras, Digital Cameras, Video Camcorders & Visual Communication Cameras
Employees 3,500 (2006)
Area 126,000 m2 (building area 22,500 m2)
Address 710 Shimohara, Ōita 873 0292, Japan

The Canon Ōita Factory in Ōita, Japan, is Canon's main digital imaging product plant and manufactures products such as the PowerShot, IXUS compacts, DSLR cameras, and camcorders.[1] The plant manufactured up to 6.8 million products in 2005.[2]

Since 1999, the factory has moved away from assembly line production to cell based production with teams of up to 20 workers. Each cell can assemble 500 camcorders in an eight hour shift.[3]

Canon invested 27.6 billion yen to expand the factory in two stages between 2004 and 2005.[4]